Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A short, but nice letter from Me

Hi familia, 
Questions from Mom 
Does someone cook for you or do your laundry or do you do it all 
yourself?  What is a typical p day like there? Sunday? 
I guess I just haven´t been as clear as I could be. I DO MY OWN 
LAUNDRY! There are no such things as washing machines here, (ok, the 
rich people have them) but there are definitely NO dryers. Breakfast, 
I usually don´t have one. If I do, it´s a Banana shake or a piece of 
bread and I buy it myself. Lunch and Dinner - I have a pensionista. 
Like I said in my last letter, I recently changed my pension to my 
convert this week. She´s awesome and I can see her being the relief 
society president very soon. 
A typical p-day is wash clothes, clean room, take the bus for an hour 
to my zone where we use the internet. After, play soccer or sometimes 
basketball. But next week is special, I´ll tell you more in the next 
A typical sunday. Pick up investigators at 8. Go to church at 9 until 
12. 1 eat. 2 proselyte like normal until 8:30 when I give the numbers. 
Just yesterday, we found out the cambios (transfers?). My companion is 
leaving and I am staying, probably for another 3 months or 2 transfers 
which is fine by me. There is still alot of work to do in this area 
which has a lot a potential. My new companion is Elder Injante from 
Lima, Peru. More next on how that goes. 
Thought for the week - Do you iron your socks? If not, why? Shouldn´t 
we look our best, especially as missionaries for the Lord? With ironed 
socks, you could look outstanding. But as for me, my socks are never 
ironed. Why Elder Walker, please tell me why? I´ll tell you why, It´s 
because it´s a waste of time. Time is very limited, especially in the 
mission. Do we make wise choices daily? 
-Elder Walker 

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