Friday, November 30, 2012

I am grateful....

Dear family,

I love you, but must keep this short, for my time here in Spain is short.  I´m glad to hear you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  As for me Thanksgiving was a new experience.  We fasted, yep without for for 24 hours, 2 meals.  Why?  As our goal for this mission is to reach 600 baptisms for the year of 2012 President had asked that starting this month we do a 40 day fast.  Of course it landed in the Hospitalet Hermanas lap to fast Thanksgiving day. So the four of us had an opportunity to be spiritually aware of what we are truly grateful of them being food of course jaja.  We then ended our fast the next day on all the many leftovers members have sent our way.  I have never been fed so much food in my whole mission!  Lately the members have been giving and giving.  Very nice of them, even though some don´t have very much.  Such a difference in South American food verses Spaniard food.   

What a miraculous week!  We finally got some to church!  I don´t know why it´s been such a struggle for us, but it has.  Daisy, an investigator who said she couldn´t come due to other committments suprised us and showed up to church.  It was perfect because it was the Primary Program.  We took Hermana Paces advise and brought her front and center so everyone knew we had someone important.  She was deeply touched and loved that the church is like a family.  I truly think it was a huge step in her conversion. 

I was deeply impacted and learned many things this week from Elder and Sister Richards, a General Authority who came to our mission this week.  Something I loved the most that he said was, "We need to answer the question they should have asked."I have noticed this week it works and they respect you.

As for my dear companion Hermana Johnson.  I have learned a lot from her in just 2 weeks.  She is slow to anger, loving so very loving, sincere, funny, hard-working, contacts, listens, smiles, you can just tell that she is and has been an effective missionary.  How grateful I am for this opportunity to learn from her. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week as you put up those Christmas lights and start up the Christmas music!!!!!!

Hermana Walker

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