Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What a week!

Hello other world, 
So Steven Alan, the president of the missionary work and preach my 
gospel, is coming to the Cochabamba mission in 2 weeks. He called 
president Dyer recently and told him that 11 days after Thomas S. 
Monson announced the big announcement, 8,000 applications came in, 
mostly from women. They are apparently going to send more sister 
missionaries to the Bolivian, Cochabamba mission. 
Cam - how did you know that I didn´t have a kitchen? You made me laugh 
when you doubted if I have a washing machine or not. Ya no, I´ll start 
taking pictures of me washing my clothes in the bathroom, buckets, the 
little rivers, with the cholitas, etc. And actually, I do have a 
bathroom, probably the best in the mission. But when I was in Potosi, 
not really... The world is a bathroom here Cameron. 
This brings me to my question for everyone, Why did everyone talk 
about my living conditions this week? How do you know about it? 
Maybe Sister Dyer sent a picture to all of you and not me. 
Well, President Dyer and his wife came to our Sacrament meeting 
yesterday and afterwards checked our rooms. It went great because we 
had the most investigators that I´ve seen here (9) come to church with 
us. That impressed the president. Also, after they checked our rooms, 
Sister Dyer said that it was the cleanest apartment she´s been to. I 
said that I´ve always been clean, but at home, it´s clean according to 
my standards and not these kind of standards. 
Frase of the week, ``It´s a sin to change religions´´. I can´t count 
the number of times I heard that line. It´s funny, because it came 
mostly from Catholics. In people´s minds, there are 2 types of 
religions here Catholics and Christians. I don´t know why they don´t 
think Catholics aren´t Christians, but yeah. Socialogy. Another funny 
line that that they say when I ask if they belong or attend a certain 
church, they say, ``no, we don´t go to church, we´re Catholic´´. 
What!? Confusing. 
In the end, I just think in my mind, we´ll just see about that. 
Because this Saturday, we´re baptizing two Catholics. One of them said 
that line when we first met him, that he thinks a sin to change 
religions. And look what happened. The spirit touched his heart. 
That´s one thing that I´ve learned here. Be confident in the conving 
power of the spirit. Just like Mormon says to his son Moroni in Moroni 
chapter 8 verse (16-17?)... I speak with boldness, because I have the 
authority of God. And I don´t fear what men can do because perfect 
love casteth out all fear. But I´m also full of charity which is love 
eternal. I feel the same way when I teach and talk with people. 
-Elder Walker 
P.s. Check out my fotos! Thanks for the inn - n - out gear. I pictured 
that you sent me a hamburger tambien.


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