Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
I meant to tell you that last week, and then forgot.  We´ve been BUSY little bees out.  How was it?  Good I hope.  I received my package and LOVED it thank you!!!!!  It´s been such a busy week.  It´s flown by really!  We have so much to do and everyone seems to want my attention being back.  Everyone again is suprised at how better my spanish has gotten and how much skinnier and tanner I am jaja.  Loved reading your email in Spanish Dad.  I have this obsession with Spanish and Latin culture now, if i come home turned into a Latin would you still except me?  Estoy super animada para tenerles conmigo en mi mision.  No puedo creer que solo tengo menos 4 meses en la mision.  Tengo muchas ganas para trabajar super duro estes ultimos translados aqui...
I am SOOO excited to be back here in my old area.  At first I was like, WHAT there again?  why am I going back there??  Now I feel this is exactly where I need to be and am totally eating it up.  I love it here.  I forgot how much I loved the ward.  They´re all excited to be involved in the work and help me out with dance classes, FHE´s, missionary work activities.  I felt very welcomed.  FINALLY a ward who´s excited about the work.  i like don´t know how to work with the ward anymore.  6 months being away does a lot. 
OOOhhh Craig super important.  I need all your information.  You HAVE to go baptize my recent converts family.  She´s sent the reference soooo many times to the missionaries and office and NOBODY has ever passed by.  If you´re not in the zone find someone who is.  I just know they live in Cochabumba.
We have been all over the place trying to get organized and find people to teach.  The piso is a mess!!!  We just moved into the Elders old sticky piso they´ve been living in for over 25 years.  I made us all do spring cleaning this morning.  3 trash bags later....I can finally somewhat breath in that piso.  We were able to set a fecha with Martina for the 15th of September.  She´s really excited!  We also are teaching a really promising investigator by the name of Rei.  He is the boyfriend of a menos activo whom I visited when I was here.  I saw that Tamara and Antonio were confirmed in Pamplona.  How exciting!  I love my new companion Hermana Stephenson!!!   We get along and work together so well.  She´s from Utah.  We´re a lot alike, but yet different.  She makes the work fun with her whitty humor.  I took her knocking from door to door for two days straight then we went on a contact attack.  we have nobody to teach!  she said it was the first time she´s ever done both of those in her whole mission and she goes home the transfer after me.  She told me she was excited to learn from my methods.  We also been playing games and taking surveys in the street of how many contacts smiles and hellos we can get.  It´s kind of fun.  We plan on teaching dance class this saturday to excite the members about the work so they will bring their friends.  We also have two investigators who said they would come. I´m excited to be back here as what will most likely be my last area!  I love life, I love this work, never once have I questioned it, I challenge you all to invite someone new to church this week.  That´s all we have to do, INVITE!  Love you all!!!!!
Con muchisimso amor,
Hermana Walker

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