Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Bolivian Independence Day!

Dear family, 
Hi. The streets are empty right now. Every in the city is in central 
parading, fiestaing, and other things for independence day. On youtube 
or something, you should look up Caporal by Platanico. They are like 
the only famous band to come out of Potosi. The caporales are the 
native or traditional dancers in Bolivia. Just a little Bolivian 
spirit for you guys. 
This week was very busy, but not exactly with proscelyting. Tuesday 
and Wednesday, we had a conference in Sucre. That is where you 
recieved the picture of me playing the piano. I was talking with 
Hermana Dyer and then she wanted to take a picture of me and send it 
to you guys. The conference was all about obedience. 10 hours on 
obedience. It was intense, but much needed in this mission. That used 
some cool scriptures, but applied it all to obedience. Also, our 
district got a standing applause! Out of the two zones that were 
there, we were the only ones that reached our goals of baptisms and we 
actually passed the goal. The president was impressed! In my 
interview, the president really only said good things to me. He 
congratulated me and my companion on our hard work and great sucess, 
especially with the bishopric. In the whole mission, there is only 2 
bishops that do not get along with the missionaries and the president 
always has problems. One of them is our bishop. Also, he also 
basically told me that I am leaving the next transfer and said that I 
will like the next assignment. Wonder what that means. But I am pretty 
excited to leave. I mean, I have already had my adventure in Potosi 
and it is time for a change. I will find out and leave next week. 
Thursday and Friday, we proselyted like normal. We were teaching this 
one guy named Jorge. After the first little door contact with him 
(like 10 min), he seemed pretty interested and even read the whole 
pamphlet for next time. Nobody ever does that!! I thought he was 
golden. He said that his brother took the missionary lessons and was 
close to baptism and even went to seminary. He has 2 book of mormons 
in his house. He agreed with everything we taught him and everything. 
Then, Friday night, we had a little meeting with the bishopric. And 
afterward, we were filling out papers. I saw the list of all the 
members and believe it or not, there was Jorges full name there. I do 
not know why, but he lied to us about. He never told us that he was 
already baptized, but said that his brother almost was. I also 
realized that the Book of mormon was his and he went to seminary. We 
have not been back there yet, but I really do not what to say to 
him... He might be embarassed that he is an inactive member or 
something like that. but.. strange. 
Saturday, we moved houses. We live in the same apartments as our 
pensionista and her family. It is pretty sweet. A great move, everyone 
is happy. But it was in vain for me to pack up all my stuff, unpack, 
just to repack in the coming week. Oh well. 
We are all in crossroads in this life with many decisions to make. 
Follow your heart and common sense. Choose the correct path. Sometimes 
there is more than one acceptable path. But for God, there is only his 
path that is correct. The other one looks nice at first, but it will 
slowly lead you down to misery and endless wo. 
I just wanted to say wo. I dumb. 
-Elder Walker 

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