Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And so it goes

In every heart, there is a room, a santuary safe and strong. To heal 
the wounds of lovers past, until a new one comes along. -Billy Joel. 
Dear family, 
So Billy Joel is pretty random, no. 
This week I´ve been pretty clumsy. I´ve twisted my ankle about 10 
times each day. cool stuff 
But as I was trying to say before, my area´s awesome, but large. No 
Mom, it´s not in the amazon. It´s a suburb of Cochabamba. Try 
searching in Quillacolla. Like I said before, my area is jinormous! If 
I were to walk from one end to the other, it would take 4 hours. And 
that´s just the area in Cochabamba. My area actually expands past the 
mountains all the way to La Paz which is about 5 hours driving. A lot 
of walking, and I feel like a lot of wasting time... Also, my area is 
pure countryside, everyone has a farm. Name an animal on a farm and 
I´ve petted it. Sheep, herded it. Cows, girl please, I´ve milked that 
sucker. I´ve also planted potatoes, helped harvest them, peeled them, 
and cooked them (and of course eaten it :) What really interest me is 
the irrigation system. Like I said in the other email, there is water 
flowing in all the streets. I´m interested in the mechanics of it. 
There´s limited water, but somehow the community works together to use 
their share on different days. It´s cool. But with all this land, the 
members are few and only a branch. There´s a lot of work to be done. 
Yesterday was pretty emotional. After church, we walked an hour and a 
half to see a sister in the ward. Her family told us that we should 
see her. She is in her last moments of life. As we came into the 
house, a lot of the ward was already there. Her family requested that 
we give her a blessing in her last hours. We went into see her. She 
probably looked way different than a week before.  Her face was 
desinigrating, her bones were frail, and her stomach was inflamed and 
huge just a pregnant woman.  She breathed really heavily with each 
passing breath. She couldn´t speak and I´m not sure if she could hear, 
but she would just stare at me. So we continued and laid our hands and 
her head and I gave the blessing. During most of the blessing and 
afterwards, I couldn´t help but think of Grandma. Grandma looked the 
same way in the same form before she passed away. ... Well, let´s just 
say that I was having a hard time talking to some family afterwards in 
a short little lesson. We are also going back there today for our 
P-day to talk with the whole family which the majority are not 
One of the great messages of the gospel is that death does not end 
everything, but our spirit lives on waiting for the resurrection of 
our body and spirit. It is part of God´s plan for us that we pass on. 
In Adam, everyone will die. but in Christ, we live. Like D&C 42:45-46 
says, it´s normal to mourn for those that die because we love them, 
but their death is sweet in Christ. I know that we can find joy and 
happiness in this gospel and that it blesses families. And I am also 
thankful for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. In his name, amen. 
-Elder Walker 


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