Wednesday, August 22, 2012

crazy busy emotional week....

Dearest Family,
Wow what a miraculous finish to my service in Pamplona! We were finally, after 4 months, able to see Tamara and Antonio baptized. What a great and moving experience to be there front row for the baptism.  I don´t think I´ve ever prayed, fasted, and worked hard to get someone baptized my whole entire mission.  And I´m exhausted, but that´s the way it should be.  The Lord did his part this week that´s for sure. We saw other little miracles this week that I will never forget. What a pleasure it has been to serve in Pamplona. I loved my time there but I am really looking forward to serving AGAIN in HOSPITALET (suburb of Barcelona)!   Yep that´s right it´s back to my second area to baptize a storm-load!!!!!  President must think that´s the way I baptize by sending me back to old areas.  As much as I wanted to see more of Spain it will be a good return.  First I returned to Zaragoza when they told me I would be transfered after that and to bring all my bags and stuff.  come to find out as I brought all of my stuff to Zaragoza I was randomly transfered back to Pamplona and now back to Barcelona. I loved my time in this ward in Hospitalet and am very lucky to be back here. Lot´s of work to be done!  these streets are full of Gold.  Even though it´s hot and sticky here!!!  OOOeee hijo mio, que calo que hace....
funny moment of the week, not that i´m trunky but we thought that it would be funny to go wedding dress shopping with the elders.  it was hillarious!!!  we totally put on a show at the shop.  Funniest thing ever!  It was hard not to laugh, we had to be serious so we didn´t get kicked out.  You usually have to get an appointment but we talked the lady into letting us in right away.  I´ll send photos.  some funny moments there, too much to tell, too little of time.
What a pleasure it was to be with Hermana Cozzolino, I learned so much from her! I look forward to working with Hermana Stevenson again as well. I enjoyed our time together in Zaragoza for a week and know that we will make a great team again. I look forward to also having Hermana Dalton and Pazuengo in piso. Especially a native in the piso to keep me on track in the language. My goal this week is to speak solo español and translate everything for her. I really want to work on my translation skills now. I had to translate a lot this last week and it´s work.  The hardest part for me is that once I translate one phrase I miss the next part that the speaker says.  it´s a lot of focus and energy.  Any suggestions on mastering this gift or skill??  Advise would be nice thanks! 
Well i love you all!!!  This gospel is great!  I hope you all are continually helping the missionaries because we need it.  We can´t do it without all you members!!!  Keep the gospel flame going by inviting all your friends.  that´s all you need to do is invite and we´ll do the rest.  Love you all can´t wait to hear from you soon!!!!
-Hermanita Walker


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