Thursday, August 16, 2012

well haleluja

Querido Family, 
Imaniya ´kasunki mamii y tatii. The language of Quechua - no big deal. 
I recieved a package and letters this week. They were all from June. 
It´s funny because all the events that you guys wrote about already 
happened about a month ago... 
This week was transfers! I always told my companion that he is going 
to train a gringito nuevo. He got the call and he was mad! He is going 
to train but he doesn´t know who just yet... Ok, now it´s my turn. 
This is how it went. Elder Walker, you are going to Cochabamba. 
Waaahooooo! There´s more, your area is vella vista, which I heard is 
the area with the temple. Waaaaaa! Your companion is Elder Palacio (or 
something like that). And there´s more, you will be the senor 
companion and his ``mom´´. WAAAAAA!. And there´s more, you will be the 
district leader. WAAA- What?! Umm, I just started my mission and I 
barely started understanding and speaking spanish. Well, you´re going 
to learn. And that is how it went. So it appears that I had prophetic 
words for my own mission. If you guys remember anything about my 
farewell talk, my mission is playing out exactly like my talk. I 
basically said three main things; be humble, willingly give selfless 
service, and love unconditionally. Well, if I split my mission up 3 
ways it would be 8 months. I have almost 8 months. The first part of 
my mission was all about being humble and the Lord definitely taught 
me many lessons here in Potosi about how to be humble. I now starting 
the next 8 months - willingly serve. I have a feeling that that will 
be the theme for this next area. That also means that my last 8 
months, I will learn how to love unconditionally my investigators, the 
members, my companion, etc. Cool stuff no. 
So who said I was getting trunky Cameron??? This week we had two 
baptisms. We also have two more for the next week (which I won´t get 
to see). This week, we baptized two brothers Alejandro and Ariel. We 
first got the reference from our pensionista and they were coming to 
church for the past months. We talked to Alejandro and he told us that 
he really doesn´t want to listen to us, so we left it at that. Well, 
it turns out that his girlfriend is the sister of our pensionista and 
I sure she doesn´t want to marry a non-member. About 3 weeks ago, we 
talked about baptism and the holy ghost in church. He wanted to get 
baptized, so the bishopric showed him to us again. He was golden. We 
taught him everything then baptized him 2 weeks later or this past 
Saturday. The baptism was a great site. All my converts that I´ve had 
were at the baptism and at church the next day. It was emotionally 
fantastic. None of my converts are inactive which is great. I think 
I´ve just been lucky. Or in other words, we´ve worked hard, but we 
still fall short. So after all we can do, the grace of the Lord fills 
in the rest. 
Another story this week. We have been working with Jesus Mullo - an 
inactive member who was baptized a year ago. He came to church about 3 
weeks ago. In priesthood session, the bishop straight up told him 
infront of everyone that he should get on his knees and pray to see if 
a mission is right for him. He can only leave in the next year for his 
age. He was a bit intimidated. We decided to teach him about 
missionary work and pull through with the promise from the bishop that 
the Lord will answer him. Well, this week, he told us that he recieved 
his answer. A great job opportunity opened up for him (uh oh), and for 
the next six months he will save up for his mission! He 
is going to talk to the bishop this week and everything. It was 
I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week and I was in Alma (by 
the way, you all should´ve finished the BOM from the challenged I 
extented to you about 3 months ago if you remembered...) The war 
chapters are always pretty sweet. But amongst all the wars that were 
happening in the land of the Nephites, it says that ``there has never 
been a happier people´´ (Alma 50:23). Right now in the world, there 
are many wars going on. The wars against nations, the war in the 
Middle East, against nations, on terrorism, on drugs, on pornography, 
abortion, political wars, wars between religions, wars between 
families, in the courts, etc. The point is that there is lots of 
contention. But amongst all these wars, I have never seen a happy 
people like the Latter-day saints are. Also, I have never been happier 
this week for everything that has happened! 
Bee (buzz) happy 
-Elder Walker 
P.S. The other picture I just want to show you how small the doors and 
people are here. Either that or I have grown.


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