Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 7th - I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly...

Quesadilla familia,

I was a little worried all day that you guys would be sending me a million messages asking where I was and why I'm writing so late.  Nope not one.  Well, I'm sure its because there was something tragic back home so you couldn't worry about ol Elder Walker.  Ill just tell myself that.

I'm writing late because frankly, I lost my P'day haha.  I wish the offices here would give us a heads up sooner or something.  They always call us at like 11 at noche and tell us were leaving at 5 in the morning to go take care of more visa passport whatever paperwork.  That's cool.  You guys couldn't plan this a week in advance?  After 6 bus rides all I ended up doing was going to the embassy for 5 minutes to pick up 2 papers.  Woo.  The good news is that they might fly me out to Ecuador for a day to take care of my visa! :)  A missionary gets a vacation- who know?  Well, besides the paperwork part.

Well lets get to the real stuff ya?  I know you guys are dying to hear the transfer news.  Well, I'm no longer a junior cheeseburger.  I'm now a happy meal :)  Turns out the Lord does answer prays.  My trunky companion was changed to another zone, while I received my new companion, Elder Espitia.  Which is crazy because he was one of my best friends in the MTC.  Hes literally the best companion I could ask for.  He's very loving and humble.  Hes also pretty quit and lets me take charge in a lot of things, so I'm also learning a lot now too.  We both just want to work hard and have fun.  We support each other in everything and just... enjoy it!    But hes the best!  I'm looking forward to the next 5 weeks, and will definitely cry if they change one of us.

Well that's all the news for this week.  Oh and we can now leave the mission boundaries to visit museums, but that doesn't really inspire me.  So my message this week is that one of Heavenly Father´s traits is long-suffering.  Patience is a godly trait, as is long suffering; resisting the temptation to cave in while suffering.  Anyone can be patient, but who really shows the faith in the objective when things get tough?  Long suffering generally includes many sacrifices too, including our own pride and will.  But the Lord is faithful.  So if we wait for him and hold our end, he will always keep his.  D&C 82:10.  Thus I know that God answers prayers in his own time and manner.  So stay strong, and hold out to the end.  Doubt not, because in the moment ye may see not.  For ye receive no reward, until after the trial of your faith.  Perhaps faith is not faith until it has been tested?
Till next week, keep the faith!

Con Amor,
Elder Walker

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