Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ahhh yeaa

Buenos dias, me gusta papas fritas (that rhymed),

I can´t believe it´s already been another week. You would think that I
would get trunky when I read your letters. It makes me miss home a
little.... but then I think of how crazy life is back at home and I
would rather be here. It´s too big of an opportunity to miss here if I
don´t work hard enough.

This week has been the most successful week so far. Although we were
supposed to have a baptism on Saturday, the joven couldn´t get
permission from his parents but really has a desire to be baptized. We
taught the most lessons this week upon arriving and secured 7 baptisms
in April (ojalà). We somehow got the same amount of new investigators
this week as I´ve had since I got here. It´s crazy because mostly all
members here are converts. The oldest member was baptized about in
1993. But most of the members were baptized within the past 2-5 years.
One of the problems here for them is preserving to the end. Each week,
we have to teach or reactivate a certain number of families or
inactives a week. A lot of people are receptive to our message, but
they have a problem keeping commitments for a sustained period of
time. They would rather play futbol on Sunday or drink with their
amigos (there are lots of borrachos or drunk people here. One guy
collapsed to the ground right in front of me). If only they realized
that obedience brings on blessings. Intelligence is gained by being
obedient to the principles irrevocably decreed in heaven. Knowledge is
gained by diligent study. These people know have a knowledge and a
belief of the gospel, but some lack in intelligence. Which brings me
to the scripture of the week. D&C 130:18-21.

Well, a lot has happened as usual; however, it´s impossible for me to
write everything. If you want to know anything specific - ask
questions. Or if you want to just hear me blabber about nothing and
bore you to death, es chevre tambien.

Eu querote muito,
Elder Walker

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