Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where to begin? Transfers again!

Oh my goodness where to begin....
I can´t help but laugh about Craig.  jajjajaja.  Seriously those who chose not to serve a mission don´t know what they´re missing out on.  Nothing will ever compare to this experience Craig.  It´s funny how different the stages each of us are at in our missions.  I´m right in the middle, Craigy´s just being born as we like to call it and Cameron is about to be an RM!  Crazy!  Craig don´t worry all those concerns are normal.  You´re get used to it and you´re whole mission you´ll feel on a rollarcoaster.  Just never give up whatever you do.  The blessings and miracles I have seen bring tears to my eyes.  I have learned and grown so much.  Just remember through every test and hard experience the Lord is trying to teach you something.  Stay positive and actively engaged in the work and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!  BUt it´s not about us, it´s about the people.  It´s about understanding their concerns through the spirit.  Pray is real so use it, and so is opposition.  You´ll see  it all miracles heart aches everything.  I really feel like everyheart felt prayer, if it´s the Lord´s will is answered.  I have also grown a testimony of humor.  Learn to have fun through the work or you´ll be miserable.  Something about humor and laughing releases the tention.  Nothing gets done too if you don´t have the spirit.  Cam good luck on the adjusting back to home!  It´ll come easy for you Im sure.  If you could go back and do it again what would you do differently?  I can tell a change in you already.  I love you.  Stick it out til end bro!
You might ask what the update out here are in PAMPLONA SPAIN!!!!!!!!  Yep by suprise I´m being transfered again.  To the beautiful classy city of Pamplona.  Up north where the running of the bulls takes place every summer.  The piso is even nicer than zaragoza.  It´´s like a mansion.....and we have a dryer!!!!!  WEnt to the worst piso to the best again.  I´m also by suprise back with Hermana Smith from the MTC as senior companion.  We have 6 new hermana´s coming in this transfer and 5 the next.  Welp this means every hermana will be training.  I´m soooo nervous.  That poor girl.  haha.  But it will be fine.  I´m understanding finally, not everything but a ton.  It´s amazing what the gifts of the spirit can do.  All the members spoiled me as I left BARC.  Everyone was shocked including myself that I left so early.  I like getting a fresh start.  We´re also in a trio with Herm. Dalton who I already know from ZAR.  just for 10 days until her trainee comes in.  So I will be also serving in San Sebatian, right on the beach in the north! for 10 days trying to run both areas with them.  Kind of exciting.  The train ride took like 5 hours, but the view was gorgeous!  The north is so green and to die for! 
I was so sad to leave Hermana Reeder there to take care of the baptism by herself but she´ll be fine.  So this is the day when I admit that piano lessons have paid off.  I´ve had to jump in and play the piano for every baptism.  I feel that it makes a difference in the spirit at all baptisms to have music.  I suprised myself with how much I bluffed my way through hymns I haven´t played for years.  It´s that spirit I´m telling you.  I know the Lord can do more with me than I can with myself.  Love you all have a great week and be safe in Rio!  Don´t worry Barcelona is the number one pitpocketing city in the world so Rio...you should be a little better off then you will in December esp around Christmas time jajja. 
Love you,

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Baptism of Samuel

Leaving to Pamplona
ps picture is of Samuel for Republica Dominicana....getting baptized in my last area this week....ofcourse as I leave.  and on the train to pamplona

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