Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome home lil bro . . .


Wish I could be there to welcome you home with a big hug!  Sounds like everyone went on and on about how great of a missionary they could tell you were.  That´s neat to hear.  How are you adjusting to home?  I´m sure just fine as you lay in your bed or watch TV.  Is it weird without a companion?  Craig, Mom and Dad you crack me up.  Ya don´t worry Craig I used to just fall asleep in visits and now I have no choice I have to figure out what their are saying.  Literally takes all your might mind and strength.  I think the tiredness will never go away Craigy.  Glad to hear you all made it home safely!  It´s weird I tell people all the time we have 3 missionaries out....now I can´t sound cool...

This week has been fantastic!  Miracle after miracle.  Alexander is the biggest miracle of the week.  We found Alexander from a part member family.  He already has a testimony and desire to be baptized.  It was only the first lesson!  Our job is easy at this point.  His day to be baptized is this Friday the 23rd.  He is 19 so we want to prepare him for a mission.  He is from Peru is very intelligent and has many skills.  We love him and he teaches us so much president!  Evelin, her mom and their friend are progressing as we have been teaching them more frequently.  Evelin has a baptism fecha for the 6th of April.  We want to get her mother and friend on the same page.  The friend told me that there is something different about me.  Which means YES!  She recognizes the spirit!!!!  We have a hard time getting them to church though.  It´s like pulling teeth.  But they feel the spirit and Evelin knows it´s true.  She could teach us by now.  We went from 5 investigators to about 17 new ones this week.  Kind of exciting.  I have come to the conclusion that the best way to find investigators is not dance or english classes of some sort...it´s doing the dirty work and just contacting everyone.  Talking with everyone everywhere you go.  Not easy in Spain.  Lot´s of rejection and rude people out there.  I´ve decided the mission has toughened me up and helped me deal with rejection.  I´ve feeled how Christ felt this week as he was scorned and laughed at.  It´s not that easy.  I just have to think about what makes me happy and stay focused.  Being in a nicer richer town, here in Pamplona, it´s a lot harder.  The mission has really taught me how to be a good leader.  All the Hermana´s are shy...and there´s me unfortunately. jajaja.  Hermana Dalton asked me, "what I am afraid of if it´s not contacting?"  I thought about it then replied, "hmmm...the elders."  jajaja

My companion Hermana Smith is such a sweetheart.  I have seen such a growth in her since the MTC!  I remember how much we both struggled in the MTC with the language and now she´s a pro!  We work well together.  Hermana Dalton left us this week so now it´s just us two.  I´ve had no choice but to step up to the plate.  This week I am repenting of getting more members present.  Neither of us are acquited very well with the ward.  So I decided we should pass around a Noche de Hogar calender this week so we could hopefully get to know each family better and bring an investigator along.  Directions are the hardest thing for me.  I ALWAYS get lost at the beginning of a transfer.  It´s really hard to find things in Spain. Mom you ask about laundry.  We have nice machines!  But it´s annoying because you can only have two things of electricity going in the house or else all the power turns off.  You ask about what I eat.  Something fast.  PB and J sometimes a salad or pizza.  Lots of quesidilla´s.  Not a lot of time om the day to cook...welp gotta run....

Hermana Walker

Ps my address here is

c/ hermanos Imaz 6, 1B
Pamplona Spain 31002

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