Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double load....2 areas...2 weeks...ah!

Dear World,

What an exciting week!  The north is just gorgeous!  We started in Pamplona Tuesday, were there for 2 days, then took off to San Sebatian.  We will be running both areas until the new Hermana comes in.  Kinda fun!  The scenery is to die for!  In San Sebatian we are living right on the north coast and border of France.  Beach city!  Opposite side of Barcelona.  It looks like we´re in a movie.  Lighthouse in the distance and everything.  We went walking down the boardwalk with a member the other day.  So tempting to jump in, but ya ya ya I know the rules.  I´ll send some pictures.

We were able to see miracles this week in both areas.  There´s not a lot of investigators in both areas so we´ve been contacting like nobodies buisness.  I enjoy contacting, probably my favorite part of the mission.  I hear it´s harder here in the north.  In Pamplona we have Christian and Evelin with Baptismal fechas.  They are both so prepared and ready.  Christian was shocked first about the Word of Wisdom, but as the visit went on he said, ¨If this is making me a better person and closer to God I will do it, pero poco a poco.¨  So we will be checking up on him.  Although we heard while we were out of town that he didn´t go to church.  So we will have to explain the importance of church.  Evelin wants to wait until the first of April to get baptized so that her sister can attend.  Supposedly she´s been putting it off for a while.  She knows it´s true though.  I hope we´re doing the right thing by waiting that long.  And from what I hear Sam was baptized in Hospitalet!  What a miracle.  I´m glad to hear he finally did it!  Ofcourse right as I leave.  I was going to stay behind to see it but President says he needs me here.  As far as San Sebatian, we have found a lot of new people to teach so Hermana Dalton has a lot to work with when the new hermana gets in.  We had a very spiritual experience the other day as we finally got a family they had been working with for a while to prepare for baptism.  They wanted to wait on setting a date though.  Lot´s of work and lot´s of miracles!  We´ve been teaching a TON of Chileans here.  It always creates a good conversation when I say that both of my parents served in Chile.  I have a testimony of the Lord making our burdens seem light if all we do is but ask.  He tries our faith and patience first, but does visit us in our afflictions.  (Mosiah 23, 24)

My new companions are amazing!  Hermana Smith is just a sweetheart!  Exactly what I remember from the MTC.  She is always aware of everything and ready to work.  She´s has been attacking the area book this week of both areas, and she´s fantastic at it.  She organized everything and made it look nice, found those who once had a fecha, and updated the tabs.  She´s great and I love her!  I have learned so much from Hermana Dalton.  She is such an example to me!  She makes me want to be better everyday.  I know she will be a fantastic trainer!  She is worried about it, but I keep telling her she´ll be great!  She´s able to understand and speak the language really well already and has a huge heart and testimony.  Whomever that new Hermana is that will be here in San Sebatian will be lucky!  She has a great sense of humor as well, always makes the work more enjoyable.  She leaves us on Friday to pick up her trainee.

This week I am repenting of not writing in my journal daily.  It´s so much easier to forget about it and do other things, but I am aware of the importance of it.  Especially as I read the Book of Mormon and how it stresses the importance of record keeping.  My testimony grows everyday out here.  I am learning so much and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.  I know the Lord is somehow qualifying me for the work.  My language skills grow daily.  I somehow am understanding a lot better and am able to communicate this week better than last transfer.  I now feel like I am finally able to really do my job.  What a tender mercy, blessing and gift the Lord has given me.  Thank you everyone back home for your support, it is greatly appreciated! Mom and dad and Cam...good luck and enjoy Rio! um can we say Que Suerte!!!!!   Make the best of it!

Hermana Walker

ps---welp forgot the comp. chip to send pictures....looks like you´ll have to wait until next week to see these amazing pictures!

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