Monday, March 5, 2012

Last full week as a missionary in Rio

Cam-What is your favorite candy bar? 

My favorite candy bar. hmm. I like Twix.

Dear family,

The weeks pass faster than you can think about them. We are doing our best with the time we are given.

Last week we found a family while eating lunch at their restaurant. The mom felt like she should come and talk to us. Well, it turns out that their family is one of those already-member-of-the-church-without-knowing-it situations. After teaching a few lessons, they are really interested and already talking about baptism. Had it not rained so much on Sunday, they would have gone to church. Next week is the daughters birthday and she is really excited to go to church on her birthday! I am too. During the lessons she just talks about how great the church sounds. She said that she found the church for her.

We are also working with a fairly large family. They were a referral from a man we found in the street who said he was a member of the church in another state. We went to their house this week and found out that they needed help building stairs on their house. We helped. Well, you can imagine someone my size hauling cement and sand and rocks and other materials to make a staircase. Needless to say, I was whipped afterwards. I have never been so sore in my life, but the great part is that Maria (the mom) really opened up. She was ready to accept any invite we give her. We invited her to be baptized and got to church. Because of a simple act of service, she and her family all went to church and enjoyed it. I pray that she and her family might continue to progress.

Time is short today. Sometimes I feel like Mormon because I cannot write but a hundredth part.

Love you all. The church is true.
 Elder Walker

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