Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I survived

Well, I would have to say that the last week is definitely the hardest. Yesterday was the hardest day. After church I felt like it was all done. Endure to the End would have to be the hardest part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I see so many of my friends who start relaxing earlier than they should. Every time I feel like doing that I remember how important this time is and that I can´t do that in life. I cannot simply give up when I get old just because I am old. I will always have to give it my all and do what I did when I didn't even think about leaving. That's what I did. The members didn't even know I was going home until my companion, Elder Nascimento told bishop who announced it in sacrament meeting. It's not my style to tell everyone that I am leaving and have people come up to me crying. The brazilians hate it when you just leave without saying anything. So, at least they enjoyed it more than I. I think my companion was more excited to tell people I was leaving than I was.

On sunday we ate lunch in Renata's house. Renata and Matheus were our miracle baptism a few weeks ago. It's nice to see them so active in church. They are ALREADY giving lunch to missionaries. That is conversion.

We are helping Maria and Jaqueline be baptized next week. After they went to church last week and their member uncle went home, we invited them to be baptized. Tehy didn't want a lot of pressure or be baptized really quickly. We gave them an extra week but explained to them that they have been prepared for many years. Just because they recently received missionaries in their house doesn't mean that they haven't been being prepared. They accepted the baptismal date and are very special. I think I will take mom and dad to meet them. Jaqueline feel unworthy to be baptize or pray because she has done bad things in the past. We understand and teach he that the atonement and her repentance can change all of that for her and help her six year old son. It is really incredible how these people can change so quickly. They are now saying prayers willingly. They have opened their hearts and they are noticing the difference it has in the house. Yesterday we taught them the importance of the sabbath day. They promised to live this commandment the whole day long as we explained it. I have faith that they will do so. I expect to see baptismal pictures next week at home.

Until Sunday,

Elder Walker

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