Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ending Strong

Dear family,

Life on the mission gets different every day as the end draws closer. It is definitely way more difficult to stay focused with the end coming. I don't like to think I am trunky, but maybe to another looking at me, they might think I am. I am giving it my best in these last weeks. Like I always have, I want the next two elders who get this house and area to have a great transition and not have it be like when I got here. Our area and zone is doing really well. The mission posted the numbers for the zones on the website. President is really pushing us to set goals and achieve them. No one even came close to achieving their goal, but the zone that I am in has the highest results. That made me happy, but then I remember how we didn't even come close to hitting our goal which is what President wants us to do.

We finally made it past Carnaval season. It would have to be the most dangerous part of the year where everyone travels. We actually made it through just fine. I ht ought that our areas would have been the worst due to it being the center of the city, but there was way worse stuff last year when I was in Curicica. The only problem was that the entire city shut down. We couldn't find anywhere to cut hair or use the internet.

Thursday was Zone Conference, and it was really special. It was my last one, so I bore my testimony as one of the Elders leaving. It's really funny to hear the testimonies of those that are leaving and those who barely arrived. I can't believe that I once spoke so horribly. They can't even imagine what is waiting for them during these two years nor do they quite understand how powerful and important their calling is. If I could go back and do it all again knowing what I know now, I would do so much better. I thought I understood Preach my Gospel and the principles of the gospel, but now I understand so much better. I can only imagine that some day in the future I will understand so much more.

Renata and Matheus are doing very well. Renata is excited to share the gospel with everyone. One of her friends said that she stopped believing in Jesus Christ and now believes in Joseph Smith for joining the church. She had such courage to explain the truth and even invite him to go to church with her. Unfortunately she refused, but she recognizes that she is planting seeds.

Sunday was Stake Conference. I met up with several familiar faces including elders who had already gone home.

I know the gospel is true. I know that as we keep the commandments, we will have the Lord's promise that he will bless us. As members of the church we need to be different. We can try to be normal by the world's standards, but there are still some things to which we cannot conform. I know that this is the example Christ left us. He always did the will of the Father.

Com amor,
Elder Walker

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