Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey from Craig

CR-I always ask you questions but you never answer.  What is a typical 
day like?  wake up, eat, class, eat, class, gym, class, go to bed. 
Week?  Overall, pretty fun. What does the classroom look like and 
dorm?  The classroom and dorms look like any normal dorms. I don´t 
think we´re supposed to take pictures in the buildings.... but we´ll 
see. Do you do the temple session in English? The session was in 
Spanish, but we were those people that used the headphones and took 
forever to get them working. Then the second half was in Spanish. Any 
funny, hard, scary experiences?  Probably, but not enough time to 
share. Have you tracked yet? We are actually going tracting on 
Saturday with our Latin Companions. What is the food like?  All of it 
is made fresh, Peru is known for their food and it is way better than 
the Provo MTC food which produces the food for a mass consumption. 
Weather?  Hot, humid, but sometimes has a nice breeze. When we play 
soccer, I am drenched; probably lost some pounds. Any animals?  Birds. 
haha. How do the Peruvians dress?  A lot of them have American brand 
clothing. Most of the time it looks like America. Have you used 
anything we sent yet?  Almost everything. Be more specific, it was 
kinda vague. Do you see those from your USA group?  Yes, everyone has 
1 latino and 1 north american companion. Also, my class is composed of 
all the North American beginners. Do you know how to use your camera? 
haha yes. What frustrates you?  This one guys in my district and room 
who only talks about himself. He´s done everything, been everywhere, 
and knows everything. I´ve learned more about him than I have learned 
spanish. It´s annoying. What brings joy? The Spirit/gospel. How is the 
companionship going? Elder Wilson and Elder Zuniga are great 
companions. Have you played the piano? yes. Any calling? No. Did you 
get the letter I mailed? Yes, working on it. It is very hard to write 
letters because I´m busy all the time, but I´m trying. (in my email, 
can you space this out mom to look less crowded thanks (and also 
delete this (whoa, triple parenthesis))). Ok, now that I have 9 
minutes left, I´ll try to write my exam, I mean letter. Y Si,Yo nació 
en un granero. So I just finished the BoM yesterday. The ending is 
very sad. Moroni was the only one left, how lonely. Also, in the book 
of Ether, Ether/ Coriantomr were also the only one left. It´s hard for 
me to see that people can get that wicked that they would kill 
everyone out of their hatred towards them. Also, on the spiritual 
side, I believe that the law of progression is a universal law. God 
puts us in situations where we can learn and progress. Sometimes they 
are pleasant, other times they are hard, but either way, progression 
is made. This is true for my experience with a mission so far. I got 
out to the Provo MTC and met some great people. Right as I was getting 
comfortable (which might of meant me getting lazy) I went to the Peru 
MTC. A different change in the atomsphere led to learning. It was also 
a culture shock meaning that I understood nothing. Right as I am 
starting to get used to my situation, I will become an ´´advanced´´ 
english person. Then the field, it´s great, no. On another note, I 
just got back from a day out in the city. Ate some food, bought a tie, 
and placed my first BoM with my companion. I have learned while being 
here that Most latinos can´t sing (and half of the North Americans). 
Sacrament/devotions are quite a sound. You know how much I love tone 
deafness. Well, goodbye - Elder Walker 

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