Monday, January 30, 2012

Cameron's quick week

To write about my week really quickly.

I spent a good part of my week in splits. So I didn't have too many experiences in my area. It rained a good part of the week, and it's really chilled down a bit. At night it actually gets cold, but I know that will only last a little bit. This week it should go back to being blazing hot.

One of the miracles of my week was in another area. I was on division with Elder Jenks, a newer missionary from Washington. I was doing a baptismal interview for a very special woman, Giamile. The miracle is that It was elder Jenks and I who found her. We stopped her in the street and did a contact several weeks ago. After a few weeks of teaching they taught her, she went to church, read the book of mormon to 1 Nephi 11 in one week, and had a burning desire to be baptized. She isn't the richest person in the world nor the most intelligent, but I was surprised that she absorbed so much from the book of mormon and applied it to her life. She read Lehi's dream and later that week had a similar experience. Her friend was making fun of her for wanting to follow this pattern of life; she described as the people in the great and spacious building pointing their fingers and laughing. It's incredible that the Lord can change our lives in such little time through a simple book. She and her son were baptized.

Another significant part of the week was Marcos. He was a media reference. He is dating a member from Brasilia and they called for him to receive the missionaries. Marcos is a lawyer with very little religious background. The only religion he has he doesn't practice and he told us that he is willing to start a relationship between him and God. He uses a wheelchair because of an accident. He is very intelligent and understands everything we tell him. The problem is faith. He is so smart that he's used to not trusting in things. Our job is slowly helping him to trust. He says he's not Anti american, but he has strong opinions against our country and has problems with the church being from there. He believes the book of mormon. is just the United States trying to once again be the best in everything. He is progressing well. We hope to get him next week. 

Love you all. time is out.

Elder Walker

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