Saturday, January 14, 2012


So when I got on, I had 10 emails!!! I had to borrow some of my 
friends time to read all of them and send this email. Mom, I have not 
met an Elder Jenson yet and I see Elder Swasey (whose mother passed 
away) all the time. There is also an hermana fish that is going to 
Peru the same time as me and Cochabamba, Bolivia also. 
First off, let me say happy birthday to Dad in 2-3 more days! Feliz 
cumpleaños a ti! You are my favorite dad.... because you are the only 
one jajajajaja. I hope you have fun and not stress on your day of 
I´m sorry to hear of Mom´s surgery thing in the hospital! Sounds 
painful. It was really gross to read about and made my stomach turn. 
As you guys read in my letter, my travel plans came for the Peru 
MTC!!! I´ll be leaving next Wednesday at 4. We´ll wait around in the 
Georgian aiport for 3 hours so I am sure that you guys will be home 
then to answer my call. Mom, I do not know all the specific 
information for our flight and arrival. Nobody around here really 
knows much about the Peru MTC because only 60 to 70 people go there 
and half of them are natives. It´s probably one of the most prettiest 
MTCs in the world! 
Russel M. Nelson came and spoke during a devotional here. He said that 
he was addressing the presidents and leaders here in the MTC, but I 
still applied some things that he said to missionary work. So I think 
there is something in the food here.... It´s like they inject fiber 
into everything. Also, every here complains about how bad the food is, 
but I think it beats out Mac and Cheese or taco bell for a whole year 
anyday! Also, everyone says to avoid the orange juice, whatever that 
My district is pretty funny and cool. We got along really fast and 
have had any problems! I don´t know why but they gave me a nickname; 
The Legend! Everytime I say something or do something they say, ´´and 
the legend continues.´´ I don´t know if they´re making fun of what I 
do or if I surprise them with everything I do. They´re funny. I don´t 
think I will every say the word ´´sorry´´ the same again. My teacher 
always says Sorrry in his Español accent. It´s quite humurous. We also 
play 4 square at gym time, which is pretty intense! We made up moves 
and named them... yeah, we´re dorks. I think my companion is starting 
to get annoyed with all my singing. That´s one thing I kinda miss is 
music... they won´t let anyone play any music in the provo MTC. So to 
make up for that, I sing and make beats a lot. 
Yo sé que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial y ama todo de Su hijos. 
¡Este obra de misionary es ayudando muchas personas en el mundo! En el 
nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. 
Well, my time just ran out so I can´t finish my testimonio 
Elder Walker

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