Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Right Before I Leave . . .

Mom - do you know or are we related to a Phil Fifer (I think that's 
his name) from Idaho falls. He's a middle-aged man. An Elder Fin here, 
who lives in Rexburg, told me that I look or remind him of that guy... 
wierd. Also, do you know any Mills family. There's an Elder Mills 
who's from Idaho here. Also, how do I send pictures? 
Ryan - What is the answer to your strange riddle that you made up. You 
know... the one with the indestructible tower against an undefeatable 
rock; or something like that. 
This isn't necessarily a P-Day, but instead a chance to do laundry and 
pack for a couple hours. This email won't be very long at all. I 
actually don't even know what to say. It's too early to think. 
I wake up tomorrow morning at 3, be at the travel office at 4 and I 
think my flight is at 6 or 7? I not sure, but be waiting for my call. 
I can't wait to learn the language faster down there. My district 
here, as much as I love them, don't think they are good at Spanish so 
they never try and speak it. My companion and I are always trying to 
motivate them to speak it always and we try to, but it's hard when the 
whole district doesn't. I'm in that wierd phase where I understand 
most of what my teachers/others are saying, but my brain still thinks 
in English so I can't respond back to them as fast. I think I still 
translate it in my head. However, my English grammer has been going 
down. Sometimes when I speak or write, my sentence structure/grammer 
would make sense in Spanish, but not in English. Yeah.... now that I 
done with that rant I will say goodbye to Provo and hello Peru!!! 
Hasta Peru! 
-Elder Walker 

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