Monday, January 23, 2012

First visit to a tourist attraction-The Redeemer Statue

Mom, I am working on an itinerary for your trip here. I am finding it 
difficult to fit in everything I want to do. Can you send me what you 
know? (when you two arrive, when and where we meet up, when we leave) 
Dear family, 
Last Monday I finally took my trip to the Christ Redeemer statue. I 
will send a few photos. I was impressed with a few things. The statue 
is HUGE! and Rio is so beautiful. It's no wonder that Rio was voted 
one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While I was up there I 
had the chance to practice my spanish with an Argentine woman. I found 
it much more difficult to speak because I was mixing up Portuguese 
with my spanish. I mustered out: Somos los misioneros de la Iglesia de 
Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. 
This week I have two miracles to share. The first is a family. The man 
is named Raimundo and the wife Cléia. Elder Nascimento was already 
teaching Cléia before I arrived in Meier. She is an elect, but can't 
be baptized because she lives with Raimundo and isn't married. 
Raimundo as of last week didn't want anything to do with any church, 
and he didn't want to get married. When we went to the house, he 
stayed in the back room. This week that has changed 100%. He appeared 
in the lesson and for the first time we taught him. He is loving it, 
and now his wife is so excited that cries almost everytime she thinks 
about it. So now we have two wonderful families waiting to be married 
and baptized: Frederico and Fernand, Raimundo and Cléia. 
The other miracle is the family of our most recent baptism. Gerlane 
has been working recently and hasn't been able to go to church. But 
her brother and sister went last week without her. Claudilene is a 
little tough. She had never gone to church with her sister mostly 
because no one believed in her. When we went there every sunday the 
family would try to wake her up and then give up on her saying that we 
were wasting our time. But during the past week she has shown much 
more faith. She isn't afraid to say prayers in front of everyone. She 
wasn't certain if she was ready to be baptized. She tried backing out 
sunday morning. We told her to at least go to church and we'll talk 
about baptism later. Well, no one doesn't like church. She was 
baptized shortly after sacrament meeting. We didn't stop there. Her 
brother, Lenilson who has also been to church couldn't go this sunday 
due to work, but really wanted to be baptized. We decided to organize 
a baptismal service at night just for him. It was a very special 
experience for Elder Nascimento and me. We had few members there, but 
those who were there made it so special for him. Claudilene walked 30 
minutes to be there. She said the closing prayer in front of everyone. 
I see so much faith in the converts in moments like this. Claudilene 
was a member for a few hours and has the courage to say a prayer in 
front of everyone. I was impressed. 
Love you all. The church is true. 
Com amor, 
Elder Walker 
USA Consulate

Overlooking Rio

Holding the Redeemer in his palm

Back of the Redeemer Statue

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