Saturday, January 21, 2012


Pues, I am here in Peru!! Wow, what a culture shock from Provo! The 
plane ride was so long, but I made it here safetly. I was the last one 
of our group to get my papers and visa/passport stamped. When I went 
up there the guy swiped my passport just like normal, but then he 
muttered something to his co worker that I didn't pick up. For some 
reason, he kept saying stuff, then looking at me, then typing more 
things on the computer. I just stood there and smiled. After about 10 
min (everyone else took about a min), he finally stamped my stuff. I 
don't know what the delay was, but I will just count it as a one of 
the Lord's tender mercies. When I got out of the airport, I didn't 
understand anything but RRRRRRRRRRRRR and hola. That was not the same 
language that I learned in the MTC. The landscape of Lima, Peru 
reminds me of Henderson/Vegas .... let me finish..... except more 
green and humid. Instead of deserty mountains, the land is covered in 
green. Even the downtown city looks the same; industrious and a little 
trashy. The main differences are the houses and the people. Even 
though the plane landed at about 10:15, we didn't make it to the CCM 
and go to bed until 2 in the mañana. Pero, esta bien. I think I'm 
already going to love it here! It is seriously a Garden of Eden; you 
know, with the green grass, tropical trees, a water fountain, birds 
chirping, a serene sound as the wind lightly whispers to you, etc. 
Yup, basically paradise. However, the walls are so tall and sercurity 
is so tight that it is compared to a prison, which is a good contrast. 
There are about 80 people here and a little more than half of them are 
Latinos. It's awesome! Every Gringo gets a native spanish speaker as a 
cumpañero. My companion is from Nicoragua (or however you spell that). 
He is really nice and loves helping me learn the language. Also, 
everytime I ask him how to say something in Spanish, he always asks 
back how to say it in Engrish,... with a gr. Not to compare or 
anything, but I will definitely learn the culture and the language 
faster here than in the Provo CCM. Well, I don't know how to use this 
keyboard, so i can't find the return button, but this is me signing 
off. Hasta miercoles proximo.....................Elder Walker 

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