Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hola with an Hache! It´s me again. I know I am terrible at writing 
emails, but it'll get better when i have more time in the field. I am 
leaving for the temple in about 30 min. I wish I could email afters 
but it´s all good. Did I mention how much the Peru MTC rocks¿¡?! There 
is a huge soccer field connected to the MTC, and during gym time, I 
play with all the latinos. To be honest, I thought they were going to 
be better.... everyone hypes them up. However, the gringos beat them. 
My companion played soccer for Iowa Western (or whatever the name is) 
while my district leader was on the BYU team. Lo es divertido. The 
president here made everyone sign a contract to finish the BoM within 
3 weeks and then PoGP and New Testament in the last 3 weeks. Even 
though I´m very busy, I is crazy how much I have read each day. I´m on 
about page 200 in only a week. Also, time management is very 
important. One can do so much in just one day. And actually, the days 
are starting to blur here. I have no sense of what day was which 
anymore. My english is getting worse still. I find myself speaking 
Spanglish alot, which really means my sentences don´t make sense. 
hmmm, what else. You guys should ask questions because I don´t really 
know what to say half the time and my time is very limited... did I 
mention I was a slow typer? Oh well, es un perro, perro mundo. Oh, my 
latino companion is learning english just as fast as I am learning 
spanish. He also plays really good piano, we should do a duet. When I 
heard him play, yo dijo; ¡Que en el mundo! It was pretty legit. Well 
Craig (aka Elder Walker)

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