Wednesday, January 25, 2012


mi querido familia,
I have hereby been called to serve in Hospitalet!!!!!!!  Yep that´s right I have been transferred!!!!!  Hospitalet is pretty much Barcelona.  It is a suburb that is packed with all the South Americans.  These streets are packed with gold!!!!   Kind of the ghetto poorer side of town, pero bueno esta bien.  The exciting part is that one of my good friends from BYU-Idaho that I danced with, la hermana Reeder, is my companion!!!!!   President knew we were friends.  So she picked me up on the train this morning and we struggled all day hauling all of our lugguge together.  She´s a cute fun blonde from Utah and has been on the mission 3 months longer than I.  We then met up with our 3rd companion, Hermana nalbandian.  Yes I´m in another trio, and yes she is a native.  This could either be really good or really bad.  She doesn´t speak a lick of English.  She is from Madrid.  I prayed for a native companion who didn´t speak English so it can really force me to get the language down.  Well I got my wish so this will be interesting but definitely a growing experience.  She´s super nice, super spiritual and loves to work!!!!  The Lord always gives us exactly what we need.  
Definitely not in Zaragoza anymore though.  The piso is discusting!  We live with 2 other hermana´s in the piso.  Ya I know 5 girls living in a gross tiny apt.  Pero bueno, es la vida.  Hermana Reeder and I are going to go bye cleaning supplies right now and wipe down the apt from head to toe.  I went to the best piso in the mission to the worst piso (apt).  I will miss it there, it was hard saying goodbye to everyone, way harder than i thought.  I shed a tear then went on my way.  I felt good though as all of my favorite members and recent converts showered me with gifts.  My district put together a breakfast for me this morning and Abel and his wife took me to the train station.  So sad, but ready for a fresh start.  The hardest part is is that we had all these millions of baptisms lined up for the next 3 weeks and now I have to miss it.  Pero bueno esta bien.  I´m excited!  I know the Lord knows us individually.  I know this is where I am suposed to be.  the Lord loves us and will bless us according to our desires and faith.  I love the Lord and I love his gospel.  I pray that each of you are doing well and enjoying the present.  Love you all!!!!    take care.
Hermana Walker
mi nuevo dirección:

c/Rambla Badal 64, 5 #1
08014 Barcelona España
Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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