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Jan 9, 2012 Olá Família!

I have decided to put more Portuguese in my letters because everyone puts Spanish in their letters. Sorry to hear about all the medical problems in the family. I think mom averages 50% of her time in the hospital. Every other week she has a visit to the hospital. At least it's better than the Brazilian hospitals. They scare me. If you can imagine a hospital from a scary movie, it's a Brazilian hospital. Poorly lit, people suffering and dying, and many other things, and you see all of it. Yesterday we went to the hospital as well. Don't worry, I'm not sick. We gave a blessing to a part-member family from São Paulo. The man was hit by a car while painting the road. He wasn't supposed to live, but he survived. We gave him a blessing and he thanked us doing so. It's nice to know that you can get a blessing while traveling in any part of the world. 

Our week was short on time. i felt like we were running everywhere this week. We started the week with trainings with President. That's why I wrote later in the week. Did you guys get that email? It sounded like you hadn't received anything. Anyway, After losing one day of work, we have to do 5 days of work in 4 days. Basically it's impossible. We had very few solid days to work due also to interviews. I went on division on Friday with Elder Jenks in Tijuca. What I really like about exchanges is that we can learn a lot from one another. He kept saying that he had learned a lot from me, but I had also learned a lot from him. That's the beauty of it. I plan to use the things I learned in my area.

We are teaching a young woman named Daniele and her mom. They are elects, but don't know it yet. Daniele has already been to church a few times with her friends, but she says that she has a few doubts about being baptized which she still hasn't shared with us. The mom is way excited to go to church. Hopefully next week we'll help them to understand the importance of baptism and help them to feel the spirit saying that. They didn't go to church because Daniele has some skin disease under her arm. It's kind of gross, but should be better next week. You know how young women are...she wouldn't dare be seen in public with that under her arm!

Gerlane, who was baptized last week was confirmed and is the newest member missionary. She took a friend to church this sunday. This is why I love recent converts. They want everyone to feel the same things they are feeling. And they support one another.

Fun fact, last year they held the first EFY in Brasil in Sao Paulo. This year they will have the very first EFY in Rio during Carnaval. The funny part is that they learn all the same dances and everything. So, as I talk to some of the members who will be the Counselors, they are all surprised when i know the dances they are learning. 4 years of EFY... Represent!!! 

Now that I have the conference Ensign, I will start the conference talk thing again. Today I read Elder Packer's talk that he gave to youth. He gave much advice, but one thing that stood out more than the others is the Holy Ghost. He gives the promise that as we follow the Holy Ghost, we will be safe from serious sins. The Holy Ghost will guide us and is more feeling than a voice. He quotes one scripture where Nephi says to feel the voice of the Holy Ghost which is an interesting concept. Usually we hear voies, but the Spirit's voice is a feeling.

Love you all and I wish the best for all.

Sei que a Igreja é verdadeira e que o evangelho foi restaurado pelo profeta Joseph Smith. Sei que Pai Celestial está guiando todas as nossas vidas e que a obra dele é uma obra maravilhosa e um assombro. Sei que o Livro de Mormon é verdadeiro. Ao seguir os princípios do livro, poderemos chegar a Cristo e conhecer o evangelho dele. 

Com amor,
Elder Walker

I forget to expain the pictures. One is our baptism from last week with our very helpful ward. The other is the elders that live in our house on New Years. We all used white ties.

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