Monday, January 16, 2012

Forecast from Spain

Hermana Walker here with the news from Zaragoza II.  It´s a little overcast here right now, slight wind chill too, but we continue to see miracles daily.  Over here a little west from Barcelona Amoako de Ghana, friend of Evans was baptized and confirmed.  Went great!  He continues to progress and grow everyday.  Our next brother who will be baptized this week is Enoch de Ghana.  What a blessing it has been to see him finally make that step to the waters of baptism.  He was one of my first investigators and lessons when I first arrived here.  He kept putting the baptism off, but this week he has come to really know the Book of Mormon is true.  He says "that book is like medicine to me!"  This Saturday he will be baptized even though all of his family and friends are not in favor of it.  His dad is the pastor of another church right next to his house.  But he says they will all come to support him, so we will see.  Rodrigo also finally set a fecha for the 28th of January.  He says he wants to be bapized but has not received an answer yet.  We told him that by setting a goal of baptism, by acting in faith, that he will receive his answer that these things are true.  I said, well how do you feel when you read the Book of Mormon, pray, and visit with us?  "good, peace, and happiness"...well maybe this is your answer, just the simple good feelings of happiness and peace.  He says "ya maybe."  So we´ll follow up with him this week.  He´s a great guy!  
STATS: as a missionary.... 
learning the language=more stress and patience
members=stress, patience, love, happiness
As for me, I continue to love this work.  How grateful and happy I am.  This is the most satisfied I´ve felt with myself and my life.  I am just so happy, everyday I am just so overwelmingly happy!  I just can´t explain it.  I love what I do and I know this mission is where I´m supposed to be.  I am especially grateful for the challenge President Hinckley gave us to read the Book of Mormon in the next 4 months and highlight anytime we see a name they use to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as well as word´s that the Lord himself says.  I have already felt myself have a deeper understanding and testimony of my Savior.  We also had interviews with President 2 days ago. He asked if I was ready to train, I told him I needed more time to feel a little more comfortable with the language.  So we set some goals together and I put his advice to work these last two days and it´s absolutely seriously a miracle that I could understand everything these last two days, like seriously I don´t even understand where that came from or what changed.  I tried it and by miracle and faith, my language skills are already improving and it´s been only 2 days!  Crazy!  So president has set the goal with me for 3 months when the next set of Hermana´s come in.  AH!!!!  He says I came out here already prepared.  I got this I can do it, right?  I think I can, I think I can....
We also received news that we will be going to Barcelona tonight to pick up our new hermana whom Hermana Preston will be training for her last transfer in the mission.  So I am in another trio.  Trios are easier though with everything!  I love it!  All the missionaries here have made a bet that I am the next to be transfered next Tuesday.  Who knows where?  Any guesses?  So we´ll see...but as for right now we´re seeing lot´s of success.  I will miss this area if I do leave.  I will miss my daily updates from Abel about Mitt Romney, I will miss the ward, I love the people....but this being one of the coldest areas...i will not miss that.  So you will not receive an email from me until Tuesday.  Every six weeks is transfers and Preparation changes to Tuesday.  That´s why you get an email on Tuesdays every so often mom. 
 Welp here to serve our Lord and master!  Love you all!!!!!   Keep the letters coming!  :)
-this message has been brought to you by the Lord´s servants, called to serve in the mission that baptizes worthy converts!

Hermana Caminadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Baptism in Zaragosa

Famous Castle Alferjera

Beautiful on the inside


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