Saturday, January 14, 2012

¡Hola, hola!

Hola hola,
WOw!!!  Sounds like this week has been crazy again for everyone!   And now you ask why I never like going to the doctor...mmmhmm smells like malpractician to me.  Oh please how do you accidently rub up against someone´s pancreas??  Crazy....POP....woops I think that was you´re wifes lung....that´s okay she can get by without it?  come on people really these are people´s lifes were talking about here.  Okay that´s enough of that venting. 
I am so glad the holiday is over.  They have sooooo many holidays here in Spain!!!  The whole country closes down and every one goes on vacation.  Makes it really hard to do missionary work.  They have the 3 kings holiday which is the 6th of January.  Neverending parties here in Spain, this is my kind of country!!!!....just not when I´m a missionary.  We were so busy somehow this week even though we were still fired a lot.  Amoak is getting baptized this week and is just the icing on a cake kind of guy.  Just a great guy!  
Can I just tell you how grateful I am to have this opportunity to serve in Spain.  What a pleasure!  I was so excited to get my call here and continue to be as we see the hand of God perform miracles daily.  We were also so excited that we reached our goal of 450 baptisms plus!  How neat is that?  My testimony grows daily as I see our prayers answered.  Our miracle for this week is definitely being able to meet our goal of finding people to teach.  We doubled our goal number wise.  This is such a blessing as we have really had to struggle these past two weeks with finding people to teach.  We finally realized we just had a bunch of recycled internal investigators, in which usually would fire us all the time.  So we just contacted like crazy and mined through all the references we could find leaving us with 8 new investigators this week.  Luis is our new fecha.  He is from Ghana and is just fantastic!  We just met him this week and have already had a lesson and he came to church.  He loves it and is so excited to be baptized.  He loves the Bible and knows the doctrine very well.  He was the only person in the gospel doctrine class participating.  He´s wonderful and will be baptized the 3rd de Febrero.
Hermana Preston is wonderful.  I don´t know what it is but I´ve really seen a change in here this past week.  She has grown so much with the time we´ve been together.  I love that we just get each other.  I love how well she knows her scriptures.  Everytime I hear her teach and testify I think, "Yes! That´s exactly how I want to be once I really get a strong grip on the language."  She´s great and I have learned so much from her.  When she has something to say people really listen, whereas with me they are more focused on correcting my Spanish and how I say it.  Someday I hope to be as good as Hermana Preston is at the language.  I think that will be my biggest struggle is getting comfortable in the language.  I pray every night and study hard, but I still have a hard time understanding and speaking.  It gets frustrating at times because I truly want to help these people and want to be a better teacher, but I know all I need now is patience and time. 
I love the gospel!  Yay for a new year!
Con amor,
Hermana Walker

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