Saturday, January 14, 2012

Completed one week in the MTC Provo

Pues, Pues, Pues, Que tenemos aqui? 
It has now been a week (and a day) since I've been out. I'll admit 
that life got easier after the first couple days. Our district is way 
awesome! We all got to know each other really fast. I think my teacher 
got a little annoyed from our teasing and joking with each other. 
Chistes. My companion Elder Knight is great because he always reminds 
me to be obedient to the little rules that I sometimes like to see how 
far i can go without actually breaking any rules. For example going to 
be exactly on time and doing everything exactly as it says on the 
Everyone says how great missions are because they change your life and 
make you a better person. So I came here thinking how better I will be 
and how great a second language will be. For me however, I get a loss 
of motivation when I focus on myself. My motivation to work hard only 
comes back when I focus my thoughts and energy on my future 
investigators and by loving them. Then I work hard and efficient to 
make sure I'm everything I can be for them. One great program/learning 
thing at the MTC is the progressive investigator. We have 
investigators (teachers?) come in and we have to learn the lessons in 
spanish and teach their needs. Yesterday, I commited him to baptism 
and he said yes! What's also cool is that he will become our future 
teacher and we'll learn all the things we said right and everything we 
messed up on in Spanish, etc. I came into my class thinking that 
people would help me with the language. However, my whole district 
looks to me for what to say. It's weird because we learn the same 
thing, but for some reason it sticks in my head. I've never had this 
good of memory in school! It's sometimes annoying when i'm trying to 
concentrate and then I hear "Elder Walker, como se dice blah blah 
blah." Nevertheless, I think that I've been given a strength to 
contribute and help my district out. 
Well, my time is running out fast. Mom, please send more 
t-shirts/p-day shirts. I love you all, adios. 
-Elder Walker 

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