Saturday, January 14, 2012

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Jan. first conversion with Hermana Preston

District in Zaragosa
Now is the time to reminisce on the year of 2011 to see what God has blessed us with and what we need to change.  I love setting new goals for the new year!  I have sent some pictures to reminisce on my missionary experience so far, since I wasnt very good at sending pictures at first...oops!  For new years they celebrate it by eating a grape every second of the last 12 seconds before the clock strikes midnight.  Really funny because your mouth is just this big bowl full of grapes.  I have also learned the elect always feed you.  We had a ton of meals this week.   Everyone feeds you, you cant get out of it.  So when we dont want to eat to not offend we ask to take it in a doggy bag home.  Thats just the latin culture. 
So we have 3 missionaries out now.  THATs NUTs!!!!!!!  yay for missionary work.  Sounds like youre having a great old time in the MTC Craig.  So I actually had a scary experience new years eve with a man but all is well.  I am not harmed.
This week has been full of miracles.  I want to specifically talk about Orlano.  We found Orlando Wednesday night as we were knocking on Antiguos doors.  We had been walking for hours, we were cold, sick, hungry, tired, lost and just not having a lot of success.  As I was starting to drag slower behind Hermana Preston thinking what we should do I spotted a man who seemed to be waiting for somebody.  We caught eyes as we walked past.  He looked into my eyes with this feeling of being lost, sad, cold, and needed help.  Through the wind I yelled in front of me ¨Hermana, we´ve got to go back and talk to that man.¨  Sure enough he was more than prepared to receive us.  We taught him the whole first lesson in a nut shell right on the street.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he thanked us as we set up a visit and went our ways.  At that next visit he told us that he was just feeling empty like there is something missing in his life.  He then went on to say that night he was miserable hungry, and cold waiting for a client who was late.  That´s when we stopped to talk to him.  If that client had not have been late, if we had not been lost we would not have found him.  God knew that would happen.  He placed him in our path.  Just as both of us had about hit our limit and were going the extra mile, that´s when miracles happen.  PRICELESS. 
I love my companion Hermana Preston.  She has taught me so much about life, myself, what a missionary should do, etc.  Something I really admire about her is her listening skills.  She is really good about listening to these people and discerning their needs.  She always says exactly what needs to be said and at the right moment.  Something I know I need to work on. 
I love this gospel I know its true with all my heart.  ENJOY THE YEAR OF 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

Su hija

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