Wednesday, February 8, 2012


MTC Provo District
Climbing the walls at the MTC

I know geography!

CCM in Provo

Companion at the CCM in Provo

District at CCM in Peru

Peru Temple

Search, Ponder and Pray

Where's Craig
Welcome to my email. First off, happy birthday Marissa! I hope you 
will be exitoso y have divertido during your birthday. Yesterday was a 
sad day because our Latinos left to go to their missions. However, I 
do like the peacefulness of about 20 people here. Also, I am now what 
they call an advanced north american, even though I don´t feel like my 
Spanish has improved that much. We´ll be getting new missionaries 
toady and tomorrow. There´ll be only 80 people in this MTC, which is 
quite small compared to 2500 in Provo. Last Saturday, we went tracting 
in the city. Wow! What a wake up call and a great experience. Overall, 
my companion and I made 8 contacts who were interested(?) and wanted 
to know more. However, only one of those actually let us in the door 
to teach. We taught part of the first lesson and she wanted us to come 
back. I guess I should say that my companion really taught her. Most 
of the time I tried to understand what was going on. Occasionally, she 
would ask me a question and in my broken Spanish, I would answer. Then 
I bore my testimony of course. After that house, we met a member and 
went into his house. We gave a blessing to his dying wife and his son 
who looked like he got beat up. If I had to describe the overall 
experience, I would have to say humbling. It was humbling to see all 
the poverty of the people. However, they were content and happy with 
what they had. It was also humbling to realize how little I teach and 
how much the spirit is involved with everything! It is necessary to 
always obtain the spirit. Maybe that is why pray everywhere we go with 
everything we do. I think I have bruises on my knees from kneeling and 
it is awesome!  Well, my time is up again, sorry for being so slow, 
good luck with everything, and good luck to Mitt Romney jaja. - Elder 
Fountain of Peace

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