Thursday, February 16, 2012


¿Que paso? It sounds like everything is great in Zion, and Babylon is 
getting farther from the truth. Great, can´t wait. These are exciting 
times my brethren and sister(en). They truly are the last days in 
which everything is being restored and fulfilled. I'm kinda exciting 
for the future and look forward to the world becoming more wicked (is 
that a bad thing?), because that means Christ´s coming in glory is 
closer. Ok, that kinda sounded like the beginning of a general 
conference talk. Let me start over. Hello familia, glad to hear 
everything´s ok back at home. Peru is pretty great! It´s been a week 
since the new elders came in. My new companion is from honduras and 
his name is Elder Hernandez. He is so nervous all the time. He´s like 
a little puppy or the little baby lemer off of Madagascar with the big 
eyes. He´s only just started talking more. Out of 12 people in his 
family, he´s the only member and was baptized 6 years ago. However, in 
our first teaching lesson, he taught with such power, humility, the 
spirit, and let me talk half the time. I haven´t realized my 
improvements in Spanish until this group came in. I understand almost 
everything they are saying, but still have trouble remembering every 
conjugation for every verb. Most of my sentences are like; por 
ejemplo, Yo ummm necesité uhh ir al bano i mean baño. And don´t get me 
started on subjunctives. But teaching the gospel is actually pretty 
easy for some reason. I do enjoy teaching. But people keep telling me 
that they could see me as a seminary teacher or that i looked like 
theirs. Great.. no comment. One thing is for sure, this is where I´m 
suppossed to be. My favorite part about the MTC is the studying. I´ve 
always wanted to study hard about interesting things like religion. I 
would compare my mind to the mind of Barbara Streisand off of that one 
Jewish movie/musical where all she wanted to do was be a boy so she 
could study in the Jewish schools. The only difference is that I am a 
man and I´m not Jewish. I have now finished the Pearl of Great Price 
twice, the Bible Dictionary, and am half way through Jesus the Christ 
and the New testament. It´s fun. Well, I thought I had more things to 
talk about. But I guess the week flew by so fast that I forgot to 
write stuff down. Yep, Chow. - Elder Walker. 

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