Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working 24/7

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Dear Family,

Oh man, what a week. I feel like I am working 24/7. I work non-stop and can't remember a bit of what happened.

A highlight of the week was Marcos. We are running into a few barriers. We've finally identified his major problems. First, faith. He wants the cold facts. He wants proof of everything which unfortunately will never happen. Second, Commandments. Mostly tithing and chastity. He says the bible says nothing about chastity other than adultery which he understands to be cheating on your wife. He questioned the source of the commandment, but in the end he agreed that it's the right thing. He also says he might never be baptized if he has to promise to give 10%. Third, he wants to know everything. He really researches everything. We showed up to his house on Saturday and he asked us about Doctrine and Covenants and History of the Church because he wanted to read those. Little by little we are helping him with all his doubts, but he has some good doubts that aren't easily settled. We had the pleasure of taking our wheel-chaired lawyer to church on Sunday. He appeared to enjoy the classes. In Priesthood we talked about goals and our eternal potential which is something that really hit him. He behaved himself well in the classes like he said he would because both Elder Nascimento and I know that he could easily confound and confuse the instructor of these classes if he wanted to with all his questioning and reason. There's a reason he's a lawyer. Overall, we feel he is searching something and feels something in the messages. He questions the commandments but deep down he feels and knows they are right. He's had quite the past and I feel like he feels empty inside and wants that to change. Every changes in their own time.

Another great part of the week was Daiala and Luana. It is kinda funny how we found them. One sunday morning we walked by their front door and I heard from inside the house, 'those are the mormons, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, they don't like black people." Then I thought to myself someday I will stop at that house to teach them. They seemed to know quite a bit at the church. Well we ran into that woman who said that on the street. She's really cool. She has two daughters Daiala and Luana who are the elects. She also has a son named Walker which is shy she stopped to talk with me. They all enjoy the missionaries, but Luana and Daiala are looking to change their lives and help their kids find a better life than the one they have. They are so humble and willing to try anything to help. Daiala has been to several churches looking for something, but still hasn't found that church that connects with her. We marked their baptisms for the 19th.

Love you all and wish the best for you. 

Com amor,
Elder Walker

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