Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey family, today is my last p-day at the Peru MTC and then off to the 
field. I leave next Tuesday for Bolivia and i believe i get to email 
one last time on Monday. I haven´t been excited for the field because 
I feel I won´t understand anyone. But once the beginning of the week 
hit, I´m excited to leave! Mom or Dad, there are two Elders here from 
Chile; an Elder Cifuentes from Santiago and Elder Alvares from Vina 
del Mar. Just wondering if you might have known their parents or 
something. I´m not good at transitioning in an email because there is 
no Return/enter button to space it out. Also, I know my emails aren´t 
that good and are probably bore you guys to death, but I´m trying. I 
wish I was better with words and didn´t sound so ´´cheesy´´ all the 
times in Marissa´s words. That´s one of my weaknesses. Some people 
like Dad can talk their way out of things or convince people things, 
but that is something I struggle with. Well anyways, Marissa, Mom, or 
Dad; do you have any advice for learning subjunctive, especially past 
subjunctive. For example, what really is it, when do I use it, etc. I 
know you use it after para que or a fin de que for example, but ¿Why? 
Also, can you send me a picture of Roger Federer, he´s a tennis player 
and some latinos tell me I look like him. It´s funny because I keep 
getting told that I look like someone. I´ve been called, Peter Pan, 
Justin beiber (I need a haircut and am getting one on Sabado), Roger 
Federer, politicians, people´s cousins, some apostle of the 12 whose 
name I forgot, etc. Yep, chevre. cool. Last Saturday, we visited 
inactive families in Wards around Lima. The People here are much 
different from the US. When poeple are inactive their, I feel like 
they avoid the church and in a way despise it. But here, the people 
openly embrace everyone (most people) who come to their house and are 
very friendly. They just have some excuse why they stop going, but for 
us, they agreed to come to church this next week. They might come, but 
from reading Cameron´s letters, I feel like many people commit, but 
few stick to their word.            shwishshwish....           sorry, 
i still have time. However I don´t know what to say. Testifico de 
Jesucristo y su expiación. Él sufrió en la jardín y murió en la cruz y 
entonces fue resucitado despues de tres días. Eso es nuestro mensaje y 
traeren las personas a arrepentimiento. En el nombre de Jesucristo, 

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