Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zone Conference

This week has been crazy, hard, fun, and full of miracles!!!!!  We had zone conference for the last two days straight with President.  Zone Conference is like medicine for the missionaries.  President tells the greatest stories and him and his wife have the most touching testimonies you´ll ever hear. 
THANK YOU sooooo much everyone for ALL the BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!!!!!!!  so sweet!!!!!  Mom, Dad thanks for the package, loved it!   Aunt you!!!!  Glad to hear you´re doing so well.  Tell the fam I say hi.  Let´s just say I´ve only been in this area for 3 weeks and I was SPOILED for my 23rd birthday.  Yes 23 I´m getting old!  Estoy viaja.  My companions spoiled me and sang in the morning.  All day i was suprised as to every visit we went to it was another suprise party.  jajaja.  These members and investigators are so loving!!!!  I was showered with 3 cakes throughout the day, new jewerly, makeup, a brand nice nice nice spankin pair of mission boots for the winter, perfume, meals and texts all day.  Wow i feel loved here already.  Even people from my old area were calling.  People here either absolutely love or don´t want any thing to do with the missionaries.
Craig....jajaja...I hear ya when it comes to understanding.  Whatever you do smile when they smile and when they don´t, just have a neutral face, just in case someone has just died or something...yep i say that by experience.  I remember when I first got here I would just sit there and smile and shake my head like I knew what they were talking about half the time....learned pretty quick that you can´t do that.  My trainer taught me the neutral face.
It feels like south america in this area.  Especially since we haven´t had hot water in the piso all week.  It stinks especially since it´s cold outside.  I guess you havén´t served a mission until you go through experiences like this.  I hop in and out like a leap frog,,,one companion´s got 5 pots on the stove boiling every morning...oh and did I mention there is 5 of us in a piso???  jajaja...haha
We have so many fechas and their ALLL from Dominican Republic.  We had struggled to find people to teach in our area for a while because everyone we contacted was always in the Elders area.  jaja.  Now we´ve been showered with many blessed individuals whom God has put in our path.  We live in Barcelona so sometimes it´s harder to find people in our area to teach as a lot of our contacts start the first person we see when we leave piso.  Being with two cute companions, one a cute blonde, the other a gorgeous Armanian, we get a lot of first it made me nervous being here in the I just smile and wave and soak it all in.
I´ve never worked harder my whole mission, the language is still hard at times, I have a frezzing cold shower every morning, no dryer, no time for myself, but this is the happiest I´ve ever been!
I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has a healing power for us all.  The gospel is just so simple and so clear.  If we just take the time to read and learn of the Book of Mormon with the bible, it has a converting power that prepares the people more than us as missionaries can for baptism.  As we keep our baptism covenants with God we will be blessed and happy,eternally happy.  Love you all!!!  
su hija

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