Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Crazy Week

Mi querido familia,
Man I love being a missionary still, but can I tell you it´s just one thing after another in this piso.  This week, not to complain was the electricity.  But everything seems to be functioning okay again.  We have had a crazy busy week and have worked our tails off!!!!!  But we did it!!!!  We finally found someone to baptize this transfer.  Samuel is from Dominican Republic and is so prepared!!!!  He loves the gospel so much he follows us around all day to citas!  He´s great and will be baptized this Saturday.  I don´t think I´ve ever worked so hard my whole mission to find a baptism or somebody anybody to teach, but hard work has paid off.  I´m exhausted.  Craig, you´re so cute, I love you.  I just sent you the word cheezy as a joke, I think you emails are fantastic!!!!  I look forward to reading them every week!  I´m so excited for you to hit the field!  You´ll have a blast!  The mission field is 10 times more fun then the MTC!  Just remember to always have the spirit with you and not be afraid to face your problems and challenges head on.  Do this and you´ll be just fine!  I´m so excited for the many amazing experiences and miracles you will see out there.  I have grown so much this transfer and am nervous for this next transfer only because it´s going to be a huge shake up.  We have almost half of our missionaries going home.  And half of that are sisters.  I´m so nervous because this means with all the missionaries who are leaving we have a ton of new ones coming in which means it´s coming time soon for me to train and that scares me.  Do I really know the language?  Am I really prepared to take the lead in discussions?  Am I able to answer peoples concerns and comments with confidence?  I don´t know...but I´m sure with the Lord´s help I could do it!  Dad thanks for your spanish lesson of the week.  I actually got a lot from it and now some things and questions about subjunctive I´ve had for a while just make sense...so thanks!  Ya sorry craig Dad´s answer on subjuctive will help you way more then mine, but my advice about subjuctive is DON¨T WORRY ABOUT IT!   You can get away with not using subjunctive, but the more I´ve been with a native companion, which I´m sure you´ll have sooner or later, the more I´ve used it and learned how to use it properly.  So don´t worry too much about it at first...it will come and it doesn´t need to right away.  Just for now talk in the language as much as you can and really learn to listen to people, instead of how they are saying it.  This is when the spirit will kick in and you´ll be able to understand and say things you didn´t think you knew how to say.  The spirit is the key to being successful as a missonary.  But something I did do was just dive straight into the language when I first got here.  Don´t be scared to talk to strangers and ask if you can practice speaking with them.  Also I kept a notebook of all the words I heard that I didn´t understand or phrases and went home and studied them.  The dictionary with the spirit will be your best friend for now.  Good luck!  Love you all!!!!!!
Su hermana y hija

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