Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ya, Marissa's email brought back some good memories. I remember when I took a shower from a bucket. The water sometimes runs out. I left a bucket under the sink to get every drop of water I could. Here we get hot water from the shower head that heats up the water. When the shower head breaks bye bye hot water. W had to heat up water on the stove like you guys. Oh, and Marissa, never use a wet towel to put out an electrical fire. The fire extinguisher maybe.

Dear world,

 I am kind of stressed as my mission is coming to an end. I don't want it to stop, but I have to make changes now for when mom and dad get down here. It will all be fine... I hope. 

This week we had a miracle baptism. Renata and Matheus. They are mother and son. Renata had already gone to church many years ago, but gave up because of something that was said to her by a missionary. Her first impression of our visit was "not again!" But it quickly changed as she had several questions. We answered and she was liking it. She and her son went to church last week and loved it. Renata was even asked to be the welcomer at Relief Society without being a member. They were the perfect investigators. They were completely prepared by the Lord because we didn't really have to do anything. On Sunday they were baptized, and the member who gave us the referral baptize Renata. It's funny that all the members were crying and we didn't know why. Apparently many of the old members remember her and her family. And they saw that even though it took 14 years since she was almost baptized, she opened her heart and accepted. It was incredible. 

I love you all and love being a missionary.

Elder Walker

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