Monday, May 21, 2012


Dear Family,

The work here in Pamplona is moving along.  Our baptism fecha is for the week is Francis Arthur.  He is great!  So humble, so willing to learn.  He´s just like a sponge, soaking up everything we say.  It has been a process to teach him so now that he´s finally taking that step, we are thrilled.  We also have set the goal to have Alexander baptized this week.  I have faith that we will have success this week with getting people to take the step of baptism this week.  Our miracle really is the people we have been seeing in church.  It´s so packed we have to bring in the extra chairs.  If we get anymore investigators in the sunday school classroom, us missionaries will all have to stand.  We are all teaching a lot of very receptive families.  We plan on setting a fecha this week.  My favorite thing as a missionary is teaching people who just get it.  It just makes sense to them.  How blessed we are with many families that are progressing and understanding the fulness of the gospel.  Something that I admire about my companion is her ganas to try and learn the gospel in English.  Everytime she talks in the English lessons we teach, the spirit is so strong.  The words she choses to use are so dignified and she just has a way of saying things that I never would have thought about using in English that really help bring the spirit.  I also like her attitude of always trying to help.  As for the ward mission plan things are getting better.  They are now going to give us families to accompany us with men instead of nobody.  We still need to call our ward mission leader 48 hours in advance and we are still not allowed to have members until the second lesson with investigators. Strange. Little by little we hope to get members in every visit as Preach My Gospel teaches.  I love being a missionary!  Best job ever.  Love you all! 

Hermana Walker

D&C 121:9

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