Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's me again . . .

Buenas tardes! 
I received letters from the last month or so. Also, a couple letters 
that were sent to the Peru MTC also got to me. That includes the two 
sets of stamps that you sent me Mom. It´s funny because in you letter 
with the stamps, you made a joke how the other one would come at the 
same time which it did. So this week, I wrote a letter and went to 
mail it only to find out that I don´t need stamps... So when I send a 
package to you guys, I will include the stamps. Sorry and thank you. 
Also, tell me if and when the letters come, I am trying the system 
I will answer some questions - 
Yes I have definitely lost weight. I´d say about 10 lbs. On both my 
belts, I´m at the last hole thingy. 
Yes I feel taller here. I would say I´m above average here, not tall. 
Mom would be average size for the girls. 
Yes I play the piano every week in sacrament meeting. In about a month 
when my spanish is a little better, I´m going to start holding piano 
or choir/singing lessons for our investigators and members. Maybe 
English lessons even later. The two things the people want to learn 
here is English and how to sing. 
Yes it is getting really cold here. I have my garments, long white 
shirt, sweater, jacket, coat on. :) We got a heater which is pretty 
cool. I wanted to dry off my shower sandels after the shower so I 
leaned them against the heater. Then I smelled smoke and it was my 
sandels! The tips of them where my toes go melted like candle wax. So 
now it smells like burnt plasic in our place right now. The good thing 
is, is that they are still wearable. 
My Mission President is pretty cool. I haven´t talked to him much but 
all I know is that he´s inspired. In my beginning interview thing, he 
told me a few things that will happen. I guess you can call them 
profecies. He said that my trainer or companion will teach me how to 
love the people, talk with them, become their friend, and really find 
their needs. This has truly happened in these past couple months. Then 
he said that I would teach him how to be obedient. I thought that was 
weird because yeah I´m obedient, but I don´t force them on other 
people. Well, I never did force anything. It was being an example. He 
said that he has been the most obedient he has since he began his 
mission a year and a half ago. Before, he would take naps during the 
days and other stuff like that. 
My mission president just told our whole mission to read the BoM (in 
spanish) in 90 days. He then asked if we would write our families and 
do the same thing which is what I´m doing write now. So I´m going to 
stop where I am and restart to finish it in 90 days and I ask you guys 
to do the same. 
Let´s see. A ver. My spiritual experience this week is really simple. 
It was with an investigator of 15 years old named Juan Manuel. Him and 
his family seemed like the golden investigators. They have lots of 
energy and excitement towards our church and have gone to church each 
week and are hopefully getting baptized the 19th if we get permision 
from his parents. They are seriously golden. Then this last week we 
were talking to them outside their house. These girls, who my 
companion knew, walked by and started talking to us as well. Juan 
Manuel got left out of the conversation, but heard my companion and 
the girls say something about him. I don´t know what he said but he 
stomped back into his house offended. Great. My companion offended our 
golden investigator. We tried coming back the next couple days, but he 
would not come out and talk to us. He said that he would not come to 
our church any more also. So then I prayed alot that his heart would 
soften towards us and the church because it could have gone for the 
worse down the road. Friday, my companion went on splits with another 
elder and my buddy, Elder Shafer, from the U.S. came with me. We went 
to go see him. He let us in and talked to us. I shared with him our 
purpose of missionaries, the example of Jesus Christ, and that 
everyone, including missionaries, aren´t perfect. He then decided to 
continue our lessons with him. The next day my comp. apologized and 
now he has the same energy like before. The point of this is that God 
still answers prayers and revelation still exists. It´s hard sometimes 
to realize this only because God, a perfect and just being, is trying 
to communicate with us, very imperfect beings and less than the dust 
of the Earth (at times). So pray with faith, and then listen very 
carefully to the whisperings of the holy spirit. 
I look forward to next sunday = Mother`s day. 
Elder Walker 
  I need to take more fotos. You can still put them on facebook mom. 
These are pictures of my area, my desk. Me beating all of my zone but 
one person at chess (he plays in national tournaments and gets money, 
but I was still close). 

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