Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Què falta de respecto, en serio.. ari

Hello family, 
Hope you guys are having fun in the wilderness or cabins or whatever 
you guys are doing. Ryan, congratulations on making show choir and 
some other choir. What, were there like 6 guys that tried out. Just 
kidding, but have fun singing. The rest of the family, cuando no 
tienes ni idea de lo que hacer, recuerda a matar dos pajados con una 
Well, my week ended great. My new companion Elder Dias arrived 
Saturday night, so we really only had Sunday to work together. But I 
already know that he is exactly what I and this area needed. He´s 
great. He´s had 7 gringo companions, so he knows how to work with them 
and is really americanized, unlike my trainer (I was his first white 
companion). By the way, I heard my trainer really isn´t working at all 
and is very trunky or homesick. No surprise there. But really, with 
this change comes a fresh, new start with a new companion and a new 
me. If repentance means a change in heart, thoughts, and actions, then 
I suppose I´m repenting with this new companion. I´ve regained my 
purpose as a missionary y estoy feliz. I worked with the members this 
week and they and the bishop are starting to trust us again. They´ve 
had many bad experiences with missionaries and what happened a couple 
weeks ago didn´t really help. 
So mother´s day in Bolivia was yesterday. It turns out that last 
minute shopping for your loved ones is a universal concept. The 
streets were packed in the center of the city and it took a couple 
hours longer to get to the zone leaders house to pick up my companion 
on Saturday. We also had ward conference yesterday which was good. 
Let´s see, what else is going on here... I noticed that my spanish was 
a lot better when my new companion arrived. ummm, the weather, it´s 
hot in the sun, but cold in the shade. Well it appears I really have 
nothing else to talk about. 
Here´s what I learned in my studies. I was studying in the D&C´s while 
reading the BOM in Spanish (by the way, you should be on page 138... 
remember, 8 pages a day. yeah, you guys probably forgot). More 
specifically in D&C 137:10, which has one of the most beautiful 
doctrines in the gospel. The Lord takes many away, even in infancy, 
that they may escape the envy of man, the sorrows, and evils of this 
present world; they were too pure, too lovely, to live on Earth. How 
great! This also suggests that those of us here need the tests and 
trials of this life. We still have to overcome the world to become 
like those little children in their pure and spotless state. I don´t 
like to compare, but it bothers me when some other religions teach 
that if infants are not Baptized, they are damned. What kind of loving 
God would do that? Instead, they are alive in Christ! 
Te quiero, 
Elder Walker 

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