Monday, June 4, 2012


17...WOW!!!!  Where does the time go?  Seems like just yesterday you were in Pampers.  Good times!  It´s interesting as I was walking the street the other day I realized Ryan could pass for a young Spaniard.  Every boy his age looks like him here.  I don´t know if it´s the hair or what, but I always double look thinking it´s Ryan.  Happy Birthday hermano, hope it´s a good one.  Sent you something in the mail, should be there any day now.
Mom how do you get grease stains out of a white dress?  All over my sad
This week has been good and slow at the same time.  We are always always always on the go!  Never a moment to breath for ourselves.  My companion asked me the other day, so when do we have free-time each day to write in our journals, etc etc....well haha hate to break it to you but welcome to the life of being a missionary.  I pray for her daily as she adjusts to the missionary schedule.  She´s great!  She sings really good and I do okay carrying a tune right, alto that is.  We make a good duet so I had the idea the other day, just to boost our spirits, to go caroling from door to door with a catchy church tune.  SUCCESS!!!!!! YES!!!!!  It brightened everyone´s day and we got a couple of promising contacts out of it.  It was fun and made us love the work more.  We didn´t sound too bad either.  Not too shabby so we decided to do it more often.  It´s amazing how far a simple hymn can go.  Some slammed the door in our face and others just enjoyed the entertainment, while some felt the spirit and gained an interest.  fun stuff....thanks for the idea Cam!!!!
What a blessing it has been to teach Ramoni!  She is a Spaniard, native of Pamplona, that just got back with her husband from temple square.  She called us one day saying she wanted to know more.  She has been accepting the lessons really well and will also prepare for the waters of baptism the end of this month.  What a miracle!  I know God prepares people.  Our other fecha Osas needs to understand the importance of church.  We pray that this next week he will come.  Tamara has been progressing a lot faster lately as she finally made the choice to come to church.  Her son Carlos got up and gave the most beautiful testimony I or the entire ward has ever heard.  I was in tears.  He has been praying for a year now that she would come to church.  What a momento clave for his mother to hear him thank her and bear testimony of the truth.  We are going to work very close with her.  We also have some up and coming investigators that are really good that we will continue working close with. 
I love that my companion keeps a positive attitude no matter what.  Adapting to the mission life is not easy.  I remember how bad I struggled in the language.  Now I feel with her as if I´ve become a native in the language.  How grateful I am for her to always be there helping me perfect my language skills.  I am going to be better at speaking strictly Spanish around the Elders.  We all don´t realize it, but when we all get together we all start speaking English and really fast.  My poor companion told me she can´t keep up with it.  I will be better about helping everyone else speak in Spanish too so that she can feel more included in whats going on.  Other than that it´s been a great week!  Lot´s of hard work and we love it!  Thank you for all your support, examples, prayers and love.  What an example you have all been to me personally.  I look up to every one of you!   and in the meantime...keep them letters a comin!!!!
c/hermanos Imaz 6, 1Izq.
Pamplona España 31002
Have a fantastic week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Walker

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