Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father´s Day!

SCUATTY!!!!  Happy Father´s Day!
There are so many things to be thankful for in life I wouldn´t know where to start. One that I would like to focus on is how grateful I am for my earthly father and heavenly father.  I wouldn´t be where I am today without either one of them.  I can name experience after experience of how each have had such a strong influence and good effect on me.  There have been times in my life where I was stuck and really didn´t know how to move forward with my life.  Sometimes I would go to my heavenly father first but most of the time the first source I went to was my earthly father.  Always his councel, thoughtfulness, love, and guidance taught me to rely on my heavenly father.  How grateful I am for being raised by goodly parents because now I have had no choice but to rely on my heavenly father.  How marvellous it is to have a earthly father who has stayed true to the faith and been such a christ-like example for me.  ¡Gracias!  ¡Te amo Papa!
This week in my studies I have gained an appreciation for the pioneers.  What marvellous miracles they saw as they sacrificed everything they had.  How merciful God is when we obey him and sacrifice for his work on this earth.  I have learned to appreciate and respect who I am due to my ancestors sacrifice and faith.  A great movie I recommend is 17 miracles.
Thanks mom for the package!  I loved it...every single treasure that was inside haha :)  I´m enjoying having the famous Cox´s honey again!  Also I need some good typical American recipes.  Everyone and their mother keeps asking!  Thanks love you!  and I´m excited to vote!
This past week we have worked hard, but also have enjoyed our time.  Ramoni, our Spaniard investigator, took us on the running of the BULLS tour this week!  One of my highlight moments in Spain!  So fun!  She spoiled us.  She took us out for lunch, showed us the city, let us run the bull run, took pictures for us, bought us a DVD of the actual bull run live since we will have to evacuate as missionaries, bought us famous Beatriz, then ended in a popular Spaniard Bocadillo restaurante!  Quite nice and spectacular!  I would love for you all to see it for yourselves when you come!  It´s neat!  She told us all the interesting facts and facts that I will not tell because I didn´t even want to know them...haha.  The next day we went with the Elders to Bilboa for Zone Enfoque and I sadly lost like always to a competative Alphabet game on the way home.  That game takes a whole new course in a different country!  No air-ride equip....nothing haha.  Something about the Latin culture too is that dreams are very important to them and they take them very seriously.  We always have to listen to everyones crazzzy dreams.  It´s funny and their always about 20 minutes long to tell...there goes the 45 minute lesson.  haha.  We´re also struggling a lot with people just getting over things and fears to just baptize!  It´s a new challenge as a missionary trying to help them realize that as we put faith in God and take the step of Baptism all will work out because it has to work out.  Lot´s of our investigators right now are having a hard time giving up coffee.  Slowly as I explain it as a commandment from God and focus on the blessings I´ve seen a change in them.  It´s really neat when they hit that point.  We´re also struggling with people who have already been baptized.  They don´t understand the authority principle that we explain.  My companion and I have become really creative trying to explain this authority precept to them. 
I pray for each of you individually and love you all!!!!  Keep the faith ;0)
-Hermana Walker
At a zone conference in Pampolona

Going on a tour of the running of the bulls

Police officer

Running of the bulls tour

Overlooking the running of the bulls

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