Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6 months

Hello family, 
I hit the 6 month mark! Time flies by fast, and it keeps getting faster. 
So this past weekend was San Juan, whatever that is. All the hills 
were lit on fire and people lit off (lame) fireworks. We also ate 
hotdogs. It seems like there´s a holiday every other week. I asked 
around why they celebrate this holiday and nobody knew, they all said 
tradition. I think they just find reasons to eat, drink, and be merry, 
everyone was drunk Saturday and Sunday. It´s also getting very cold 
here...It´s a dry cold where it´s bone chilling. I wear all my 
jackets, my scarf, and a beanie. 
My companion keeps tellling me how horrible potosi is and how it´s his 
worst and hardest area he´s been in. Personally, I don´t think it´s 
that bad, probably because it´s my first area. Although I heard that 
most people find their most success with references from members. I 
visited a ton of members and less actives and know almost the whole 
ward personally; however, I haven´t recieved one refence from a 
member... We just knock doors when we have nothing to do. This week, 
it payed off pretty well. We found many people that have members for 
years but haven´t gone for over about 15 years. We then starting 
teaching them and their family who aren´t members. This happened 3 
times this week. ALso, I had my first baptism on the mission. Ít´s 
really my second, but it´s the first one that I actually taught up 
until baptism. He also recieved his confirmation on sunday and during 
priesthood meeting, he recieved the priesthood. It usually doesn´t 
happen that fast but I guess the bishop thought he was ready since 
he´s been listening to the Elder´s for 2 years and attending church. 
Stay close to the gospel, be prepared, and take the holy spirit as 
your guide so that you will not be confounded at the last day. 
-Elder Walker 

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