Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Dad, I hope you have a great father´s day. I don´t have much time to 
write, so everything that Marissa wrote... igual from me too. 
I´m exhausted. We just came back from hiking the mighty Cerro Rico, or 
the big mountain covering Potosi. There were lots of mines throughout 
the mountain that was fun to explore. I sent pictures of it. It looked 
small when I was at the bottom of it, but turned out to be really 
long. I couldn´t breath that well - there´s no air here. 
So this week, I probably knocked over 100 doors...and I think one 
person let us in. That´s pretty discouraging, but I made it through. 
You know, for some reason, I thought that the people down here would 
be humble and let us in a lot. Well, they are humble. But they don´t 
let us in... Is it me? Probably. I never know what to say when they 
answer the door. Any suggestions? Any cool tricks or strategies to get 
in the door and share a message that could change their lives? I´ve 
done a ton of service this week as well. I washed clothes in freezing, 
cold water. That was fun. Also, we were going through a million 
potatoes to see if they had gusanos or worms in them. If they did, we 
had to cut through it to get the worm out. It was hard to tell if they 
had worms or not. Well, afterwards, the lady cooked up the potatoes 
and served like 10 of them to us. I bit through my third potato only 
to find something squishy. I was the lucky winner. Looks like we 
didn´t get all the worms out. jajaja. 
So I´ve learned that the Lord prepares people to hear this the message 
of the restoration and for me as a missionary. One lady were teaching 
couldn´t stop looking at the front of the pamplet we gave her of the 
restoration. At the end of our lesson, she told us that Jesus visited 
her in one of her dreams a while back. He was wearing the same outfit 
in her dream as the one on the cover of the pamphlet. That was 
awesomely weird. Then last Sunday after testimony meeting, a guy, who 
looked like a member, came up and talked to us. It turns out that he 
has been listening to the missionaries for 2 years in all of Bolivia. 
He told us that now is the time to get baptized. I was shocked and 
excited. So this Saturday, I have my second baptism. He already knows 
a ton of stuff and has read the whole book of Mormon. He askeds 
different questions than that of a normal investigator. So he´s the 
miracle of my week. 
May the Lord bless all of you guys. 
-Elder Walker 
Hiked to the mines

Notice the altitude

Overlooking Potosi

City with mines


Pointing at where he hiked to . . .

Starting the hike

Notice the large church in the background



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