Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hola De Bolivia

Elders from surrounding areas hiked to a mountain

This is a waterfall.  Craig is at the top.

Craig next to the waterfall.
This week was cool, nothing extraordinary. 
Tuesday, my Companion went to a conference for the leaders. That day I 
felt sick from an old egg I ate the day before. My stomach was talking 
to me the whole day. I was with another elder who also didn´t feel 
good. We didn´t do much that day. Sin embargo, soy misionero ahora. En 
el noche, no me sentí bien y tenía que ir al baño mal. La cosa es, 
crapié mi pantalones o en real, mis garments. Puchalo... Yo espero que 
no entiendan mis palabras y por eso, escribí en Castillano. 
The next day, my companion came back and was fired up, ready to work 
harder, and obey the rules exactly. That was great because I was going 
to talk to him about some stuff that was bothering me. But now, we´re 
more like a companionship who works well together. I learned that 
pride is the source of all contention, so now I submit to his will, 
unless there is a better way. 
What I really want to talk about is a couple of my investigators. So 
the one that was suppossed to get baptized last saturday had a problem 
in the past, he accompanied and supported the decision of a friend to 
get an abortion. That was five years ago. Now he´s fine and has 
learned alot. He passed the interview with the stake president and is 
scheduled to get baptized on Thursday. But he´s more excited to 
recieve the holy ghost. Also, we found a family last saturday a week 
ago while knocking doors. We probably said about 5 words, and then 
they let us in. It was great because I was getting tired of being 
rejected. Ladies (inside joke). We talked with them for an hour. Then 
they came to church on Sunday. We came back this week and we met the 
dad. The whole time it seemed like he wasn´t paying attention or 
interested to our message, lesson 1. But at the end, he said sincerely 
that he´s glad we came. The family has been having problems and they 
want to change for the better. We set a baptism date with them, which 
they said they are excited for. This was great because we were looking 
for families to teach. Our message and gospel is really for families. 
You know, I was feeling that I was going to write something spiritual, 
but then everyone in my zone is waiting for me and starting to read my 
email. So it looks like it´s time to go. Gracias por escucharme! 
-Elder Walker 

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