Monday, June 4, 2012

Feliz cumleaños Ryan

Wow Ryan, mr big 17 now. I heard a rumor here that the church just 
said yesterday that people can now go on missions at 18. That磗 in one 
year, would you be ready? Well, ``Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; 
and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth...创 
(Ecclesiates 11:9). Dude, Dad. I saw your indoor skydiving stuff. I磎 
jealous. How about you take me when I get home, yeah? Bueno idea. 
Mom磗 questions: 
``How goes it with the companion?  DETAILS.创 Good. Way better. Works 
hard and sufficient. 
``What is the ward like now?  Any changes?创 Way better! The bishop 
has a reputation among the missionaries for being a Beep, bad word. 
Personally, he磗 just misunderstood. He磗 like Bolivian Ryan 15 years 
later. He磗 a little stubborn and likes doing things his own way. 
However, recently since my last companion left, he磗 been very calm 
and I磛e enjoyed his presence. 
``Investigators?  How do you track out new investigators?创  Knock 
doors. Lately, we磛e been working with the members to gain their trust 
and to talk with their friends and neighbors. 
``How is the language coming?创  I磎 progressing. I bore my testimony 
yesterday and my companion said that the grammer and everything was 
perfect. Also, I almost sounded fluent too. 
``What do you do at District meetings?创  My companion teaches us a 
lesson, usually out of PMG and then we do practices with what we 
``Do you need me to do anything?  How are you feeling?创 No. I磎 fine. 
I磎 probably accomstomed to Bolivia and Potosi now. And actually, I 
kinda like it (minus the drunk people that fluster me and the smoke 
from the autos that always blows in my face). We have worked pretty 
hard this week. Although we haven磘 been teaching the same amount of 
lessons as before, I feel as they are much more productive. We磛e 
obtained permission for 4 people under 18 (we have like 10 more to go) 
for baptism on the 16 of June. My last companion also liked teaching 
kids because they were easy and accepted it as truth really fast. 
However, my companion now hates teaching people under 18. He only 
wants to obtain permission and get the heck out of there haha. That磗 
fine with me. It磗 probably better that we teach people that have a 
greater capacity to learn and understand. 
Thursday, we had a talent show for our ward. We had 11 investigators 
show up (too bad they don磘 all come for church). I learned that the 
people from Potosi can磘 dance.. haha, but it was still enjoyable. As 
Elders, we did three skits at the last minute. We were more like the 
in between acts to fill up the time as the other acts got ready. I磍l 
send you a video of our last skit which featured me. 
Well, I read Proverbs this week for fun and I found a proverb for all 
of you guys pertaining to what磗 probably happening in your life. 
The family - Proverbs 6:16-19 
Mom - Proverbs 16:24 (or 24:13, 25:16) - isn磘 it honey  season. 
Dad - Proverbs 20:29 - yes, you磖e still beautiful 
Marissa - Prov. 16:3 - misson 
Cameron - Prov. 3:13 - School 
Ryan - Prov. 10:1 - What kind of son are you? or 13:20 - Who do you 
hang out with? 
Emily - Prov 8:32 - I couldn磘 really find a good one that fit磗 you 
Reese - Prov. 26:11 - just for fun 
As for me, since I磎 special, I found a ``proverb创 in Ecclesiates.... 
``The sleep of a labouring man in sweet...创 (Eccl. 5:12) 
So good night, 
Elder Walker 

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