Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello hello....

Dear Family,
Glad to hear you had such an enjoyable Father´s day!  So fun.  Cameron-sorry about your eye.  I have enjoyed keeping up with all of your fun stories and experiences.  How blessed I am to come from such a fun gospel solid family.  I sent something in the mail for you all...should be getting it any day now.
We had our last zone conference with the Hinckley´s yesterday in Bilboa.  That is why I am so late to write.  It was kinda sad.  Almost like my second parents are leaving me.  Only us older missionaries cried with them and bore testimony and thanks to them.  Sadly, I am one of the oldest missionaries now in the mission, especially out of the Hermana´s.  Weird, where time goes I know not.  They told us what to expect with President and Sister Paces coming this next Friday.  Then they asked us as they would their own children before leaving for college, "Have we taught you everything you need to know?"  One of the best and most tear jerking conferences.  They left us with their last words of advise, "Be obedient and be wise, what more can we say?"  President said obedience unlocks the power of your mission and life.  As a missionary who has been out for almost a year now, I am just now starting to understand what that really means.  If there´s anything I´ve learned the importance of on my mission, it´s obedience.  "I the Lord am bound when you do what I say..."  Have I done just that?  Have I been exactly obedient?  I hope at the end of my mission I can say just that.  I feel like I´ve done an pretty good, okay job, but now I´m at the point where I´m ready to strive for excellence with such short time left.  We are promised more power from the Lord.  I have re-evaluated myself and set some new goals.  Be obedient and be wise what more can I say?  Even though we may not understand why, just do it and we will understand later.  It all makes sense now. 
The camino to Santiago has started and there are many travelers here and on the role!  We ran into 2 Utahians that yelled our way!  They were in the middle of sharing the gospel when they happened to spot us.  We helped them out... they all later came to church with us.  El camino de Santiago es algo que empieza en Francia and people walk all throughout Spain!  Everything is by foot.  Crazy!!!  People from all over the world stop us because somehow they can tell with my Argentian companion that I speak English...haha.  We give them directions and send them on their way.
Well I love you all and wish you the best of luck and fun for what this summer has to bring you.  Be obedient, but still have fun.
ps...Question....when you all come here for Christmas are we just going to stay in the Barcelona area? 

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