Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MIRACLES do happen...

¡Somos "EL FARO," el mision de Barcelona España!  We are the lighthouse as said of all of Europe.  We are to invite all to come unto Chirst, receive his gospel, have faith, repent, be baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.  We are to stand as a witness and representative of CHRIST in all TIMES and in ALL THINGS and in ALL PLACES. 
What we do in the Spain Barcelona mission:
  1. We are obedient!
  2. We are pure and worthy
  3. We work hard!
  4. We work with members
  5. We testify of the truth of all things
  6. We teach people not just lessons
  7. We teach through th power of the Book of Mormon
  8. We try to be Christ-like daily
  9. We have fun and we enjoy our missions
  10. We help and serve others
  11. We walk a TON!
  12. We keep our pisos(apartments) clean
  13. We are happy!
  14. We are diligent and bold
  15. We give nun punches when we see a nun (but only after they pass by) haha
  16. We are healthy
¡¡¡POR FIN!!!  We were able to finally see Osas baptized.  What a beautiful day it was!  He was so excited and gave the most beautiful testimony at his baptism.  This is the investigator who had a dream about us before we even met him.  In the dream me and Hermana Cozzolino were sharing oranges with him.  Very much like Lehi´s dream!  He recently had a dream very similar, but this time he was the one in the river that separates the wicked and the righteous and he (in the dream) was helping people out of the river to the tree of life.  He says he wants to serve a mission now.  Oh our African brother OSAS!!!!   YEEE!!!!!  He is great and gave a very motivating and powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it compliments the bible.  The ward did a good job of welcoming him.  I know the Lord is in this work!  We see miracles daily.  The adversary likes to work hard the day of baptism.  For example this time it was on our ward mission leader who organizes the baptism.  It´s nice in this area because the ward likes to do everything for the baptisms.  All we have to do is get the investigator to their baptism.  Kind of nice and relaxing.  Our poor mission leader forgot to put the plug in the font so the water was just running all day long....we had to move the baptism from 6pm to 8pm...´didn´t go too well with our bishop, but all is well he was baptized!!!!!  Poor guy forgot his baptism clothes because he was the one performing the baptism, then he forgot to call the people he had to call to come at the later time to the baptism.  Our poor mission leader.  haha.  We thanked him and tried helping him.  He´s only 21 and is waiting for his mission call right now.  I think he´s ready to just get out of here and finally on his mission.  The next day we had his confirmation in church.  Went beautifully.  Now we have another baptism of Maria from Bolivia this next week.  Crossing our fingers that everything will go as planned.  We evacuate the area in a week and a half.  Kinda of sad because I might have to start saying goodbye to people.  Don´t like that time.  But I´m starting to smell like it´s my time to be trasferred.  Just when you start loving the area and people you get transferred!!!!  darn.  The mission life.  Well I love you all and wish you the best this week.  Do an act of service this week for the ones you love!!!!  the gospel is true.
Take care, cuidase,

Marissa thinks this is Mom's twin
Hermana Walker

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