Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I know . . .

Dear Family,

I say every week that we have miracles, but this week was honestly the miracle of all miracles.  All those people who said they would come to church finally came!  We finally have a good amount of investigators keeping commitments.  We will be setting a lot of fechas this week.  One with Antonio tonight, a friend of our mission leader.  He is from Spain and just has fallen in love with the church.  Just a golden investigator.  He came to the baptism yesterday and asked us if he could be baptized.  We will be setting one for next weekend tonight.  We also have Ernesto who will be baptized in 3 weeks now because he didn´t come to church, but later that night came to the baptism so he could meet the bishop.  He has already made lots of friends.  He is from the Dominican Republic.  He really has a strong desire to change his life.  Also many other prepared investigators who came to church that we will continue working with.  More news to come.....

I love my companion.  She really is a joy to have around.  I love her!  I look up to her.  Something that I love about her is that she is not afraid to try new things.   We worked so hard this week!  All week long when someone cancelled on us we went knocking door to door.  Lots of new potential investigators.  Something that I love about my companion is she is also on top of things.  Usually I get around to contacting my contacts within 3 days, but she is right on it the next morning.  So that is what we did different this week was follow us on people faster which brought us to 11 new investigators.  Just a really successful week!

I know my Savior lives.  I know he loves us and watches over us in all we do.  I know he has a plan individually for all of us.  I love you all!  Please take care of yourselves and just do whats right.  Life is easier when we keep our will in line with the Lords will.  

Hope you have a delightful week!

Hermana Walker

PS Congrats Rebs and Jasmine!!!!!  Enjoy the honeymoon!!!!!

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