Monday, April 30, 2012


Why hello there. Thank you for the letters and more. Let´s get to 
business. Dad - I need help with passive voice, it´s also annoying. 
What is the difference between the ser construction of p.v. and past 
participle with estar? Also, if you include relatives in there, I 
wouldn´t mind. Marissa, mira. We have 7 hours to teach lessons. All 
you need to teach is about 5 lessons a day. Or if less, do 1 or 2 on 
Pday. We find most of our new people by knocking doors, family members 
of already investigators, a little references, but really, just 
talking to everyone. The people here are really nice and they pride 
themselves of the calmness or tranquilidad. Cameron - You seem like 
you would like economics. All of your choices for after the major are 
the same for psychology. So tell me which route you take. Ryan - 
Obedece tu mamá (whack, whack, whack). That´s what our pensionista 
does to her kids. It´s quite funny. Emily - what are you up to? Mom - 
I already emailed you haha. 
This week I felt really happy and peace for some reasons. I got along 
more with my companion had fun while we worked. Yeah, I don´t really 
have much to say this week. It was funny because in center there are 
stores or as I like to call them, yard sales. There was a big crowd 
around a certain place and I wanted to see what they were selling. So 
the new product of the week here in Potosi is the flower strainer. You 
know, the strainer that folds in and out. Very cool technology haha. 
So that family that I talked about last week gave us dinner after we 
taught them. It was my ``favorite food´´ - chuño, the potato gone 
wrong. After eating so many in my soup, my mouth really couldn´t take 
it anymore and I excused myself to go throw up outside. Pretty 
embarassing. Now they just give us bread and a type of urbal tea or 
something. Also, I got fed donkey stomach and then cow stomach in the 
same day. I just had to picture an inn n out burger as I chewed it. 
You know what, you guys can have you pizza and other stuff, I´ll take 
my bolivian food. 
Well, think of questions to ask me next sunday because I really don´t 
know what to say haha. 
-Elder Walker 

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