Sunday, April 8, 2012

General Conference Week

Dear Family,

I love you!  Can I say that?  My love grows more and more the farther I reach on my mission.  ¡Disfruto sus emails muchisimo!  They always give me the strength I need to get through another hard week.  I love you and truly thank you for your support.  Keep those letters a comin!  haha.

General Conference.....AMAZING right?  They just know how to nail it!  Exactly everything I needed to hear.  Just layed it down.  If you don´t have convenants with the Lord....well make them.  LOVE IT!  Dad you HAVE to catch up on your conference watching....not one to miss.  General Conference on the mission is like whipcream on your pumpkin pie for the year!  LOVE IT!!!!

So this week was interesting.  VERY!  Like Craig says though too many stories and non-sense to tell.  But to keep it simple and to the point.  This gospel is incredible!  End of story.

Sounds like you´re picking up a lot of the south american sayings.  A lot of the words you use I know, but we don´t use those words here in Spain.  But I know them because of all of my little Bolivian friends.  I cannot even begin to express the joy I have felt this week as my testimony and language skills have blossomed with the Lord´s help.  This is the first week in my entire mission where I have received compliments from many natives and missionaries on how well I speak and how much you´ve improved Hermana Walker!  I seriously don´t know how, but somehow I just hit a breakthrough this week.  I can say almost anything I want to and express myself much better.  A Dominican said how impressed he was with how clear I speak, maybe that´s because Dominicans have the most unclear Spanish. I´ve really started to see studying Spanish as an addiction.  I find myself studying extra hours now even on Preparation Day.  My desire has grown.  So if you must ask Mom how my subjunctive is....just ask the Domincan next door..haha.

Now that I´ve been back in Pamplona from San Sebation for some time now.  I can tell you what it´s like and how different the culture is.  The city is not like ANY place I´ve been in Spain before.  The people are very rich and closed off.  Not an easy area.  I find myself getting sick of contacting them and just going straight to the South Americans, Africans, and Romanians.  I definitely went from GHETTO Hospitalet to rich classy Pamplona.  The town looks a lot like Harry joke.  Old cobble stone, European pisos, beautiful gardens and cathedrals.  I´ll send pictures.  Everyone is in a suit, sweater or scarf wrapped around them, eating a bisquit with there tea, dogs with a blinged collar, girls with pearl earrings, BUN, boots. We are definitely in Europe. haha.  I kinda like it.  We live next to a theatre where classical ballet etc are shown.  Right now Sound of Music in Castellano is playing for 20 E....kinda tempted to go.  They also have a famous Flamenco dancer...just my town!  People are rude so you can only imagine how hard the work is.  Lot´s of Gypsy´s and muslims.  Everyone is gorgeous here and ALWAYS looks there best.

There was a strike this week throughout all of Spain, you can only imagine how crazy it was.  Glass broken everywhere, graffiti, flyers, parades of 1000s of people marching and yelling.  I recorded it from my window.  ^Police with guns, helmets, sheilds, just like you see on the was crazy!!!  As missionaries we avoided it.  Had to run at points thoughout the day.  mobs, robbers, gangs...Scary stuff!!!!!!  I felt very close to the spirit that day as it warned me where we should and shouldn´t go.  How greatful I am for this gift.

Well I love you, time to sign off!

-su hija

Hermana Cominadora, Spain Barcelona Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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